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Muttahida (United) Jehad Council (MJC): 'Code of Conduct' 2005

1. Each constituent group of the UJC shall believe its aims and objectives and abstain from all kinds of activities that go against it.

2. Each constituent group shall abide by the purpose and conduct of Jehad in the way of Allah and shall implement the same in letter and spirit during operations.

3. Each constituent group will ensure that its Mujahideen shall observe the fundamentals of Islamic teachings and keep away from sinister evils.

4. Each constituent group shall abstain from taking any action against any Muslim unless proved to as an Indian agent/informer.

5. Each constituent group will ensure that its Mujahid/Mujahideen shall not target any non-combatant; non-Muslim men, women, and children.

6. Each constituent group shall respect and observe all the decisions taken by the UJC.

7. Each constituent group shall cooperate in the light of commandments of Allah with other outfits and shall abstain from indulging in any kind of activity that may directly/indirectly harm them.

8. Each constituent group will not speak against any of the co-constituent groups from any platform or public/private forum and would consult General Council in case of disputes, which shall decide the issues in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

9. If any Mujahid of any constituent group is found guilty of sinful acts that are immoral and un-Islamic, the authority of decision regarding his punishment or otherwise shall lie with UJC which shall conduct these affairs according to Shariah.

10. Each constituent shall abstain from targeting any public places like, schools, religious places, hospitals, markets and population settlements in any case.

11. Each constituent group shall ensure that it will target India's defence installations and economic assets/places/sites.

12. Groups shall not strike near human settlements, public places where people lives could get harmed.

13. It is obligatory for each group to ensure that the code of conduct be observed by its Mujahideen failing which the Mujahid shall be taken to task by the concerned group.

14. Each group shall strictly ensure the awareness and implementation of the aims & objectives and code of conduct and organize special sessions in presence of UJC observer wherein the Mujahideen be enforced to promote brotherhood, cooperation and harmony among themselves so that their character reflects the unity of purpose.







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