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Terrorism-related Incidents in Quetta - 2005


Date Incident


January 3

A bomb exploded and three rockets were fired targeting sites in Quetta. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported. The rockets were fired at a highway police checkpoint in suburban Quetta near Hazaar Ganji at about 11:00pm (PST). Earlier, a bomb exploded behind the Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education building at about 8:00pm. Capital City Police Officer, Pervez Rafi Bhatti, said the attacks were in reaction to the 15 arrests made in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan after the Meezan Chowk bomb attack last month in which 11 people died.


January 24

A bomb exploded in the ministers' block of the Balochistan Civil Secretariat in Quetta without causing any damage. It was the second bomb blast in the ministers' block in a month. Earlier, a bomb exploded at a washroom of the ministers' block on December 18, 2004.


January 26

A rocket landed in the Askari Park area of Quetta, without causing any damage.


January 27

23 Afghans were arrested in Quetta on suspicion of their links with the Taliban and al Qaeda. The suspects, who included a former deputy governor and ex-police chief of Kabul, were arrested from three places in Quetta, said Balochistan Police chief, Mohammed Yaqub. He said the detainees had held "important positions during Taliban's tenure" in Afghanistan, and "we suspect that some of them have close links with al Qaeda." Yaqub disclosed that the suspects were detained during raids in Kharotabad, Pashtun Abad and Nawan Kili.


January 28

At least two bomb explosions and as many rocket attacks were reported from Quetta. However, no casualties were reported. Police said a powerful bomb exploded in the Zarghoon road residence of Munir Ahmed, an official of the Pakistan Railways, who has recently assumed his charge after being transferred from Sibi. When police teams were inspecting the site of the blast, another explosion occurred near the Officers Club of Pakistan Railways next to Quetta railway station.


January 28

Unidentified miscreants are reported to have fired two rockets targeting the Quetta cantonment.


January 30

A bomb explosion was reported from the Askari Park area. However, no casualty was reported. A second blast partially damaged an oil tanker in the Kuchlak suburb of the city. Further, Police are reported to have defused a third bomb planted inside the Askari Park.


February 1

Security Forces (SFs) are reported to have escaped possible losses when two rockets targeting a key garrison in Quetta failed to explode after their timers malfunctioned. "We got information that two rockets fitted with timers had been placed on the western by-pass in the suburbs of Quetta… Luckily the timers did not work, otherwise the rockets could have caused damage in the cantonment area," said city police chief Pervez Rafi Bhatti. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the failed attack, added Bhatti.


February 1

One person was killed and nine others sustained injuries during two bomb blasts in Quetta. City Police Officer, Pervaiz Rafi Bhatti, said that the person killed in an explosion was a saboteur, identified as Bahar Khan, and blew himself before planting the explosive in a busy center.


February 1

Nine persons were wounded when a bomb exploded near the Quetta Railway Station. The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility for the blast.


February 8

A bomb blast destroyed a railway track in Bakhtiarabad, railway controller, Aziz Ahmad told. Another bomb blast hit a rail track in Killi Almo, on the outskirts of provincial capital Quetta, at around the same time, said railway official Mohammad Jawaid. However, there were no casualties in these explosions.


February 11

Police claimed to have arrested an alleged terrorist, identified as Hussain Marri, and recovered 120 kg of Russian-made explosive material after an exchange of fire in the Marri camp area. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Rafi Pervez Bhatti, said that Hussain, a bodyguard of veteran Baloch nationalist leader, Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri, was an activist of the BLA.


February 15

Police arrested a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) terrorist, identified as Faisal Rafiq, from Quetta. Balochistan Inspector General of Police, Choudhury Mohammed Yaqoob, said "we suspect he was preparing to carry out a suicide attack against Shias."


February 18

Two suspected terrorists of the outlawed Sunni group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), blew themselves up with hand grenades during an exchange of fire with the police at Ghilzai road in Quetta.


February 18

A teenager was killed and seven persons of a family, including three women, were wounded during an explosion at the Haji Gabi road area in Quetta. "A rocket fired from unknown direction hit the house of one Aslam Jan in Killi Durrani at Haji Ghabi road besides damaging another three houses and a shop," said Union Council member, Salam Khan Durrani. However, the police denied any rocket attack.


February 22

Police arrested three alleged terrorists and recovered three rockets from their possession during a raid conducted at Marri camp.


February 22

Police arrested a suspected Taliban activist from the Kuchlak area. A Kalashnikov rifle with ammunition, a mobile phone and a Thuraya satellite phone were seized from his possession.


February 25

Two successive bomb explosions occurred in Quetta. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported. Police said one of the bombs exploded on the Samungli road near Saddar police station and the second blast occurred near Pishin-spot. Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports said six explosions occurred in different localities of Quetta, including Patel Bagh, Wahdat Colony and Shahbaz town.


February 26

Unidentified persons hurled a hand grenade at the building of Radio Pakistan Quetta. However, no casualty was reported, police said, adding that the windowpanes of some rooms of the building were destroyed in the explosion. Later, another explosion occurred near Railway Quarters at Zarghoon road. A local device along with timer for the blast was used, sources said.


February 27

Police seize a huge arms cache and explosive material, including 43 rockets, and unearth a private jail and torture cells while arresting 20 suspects during an operation targeting the Marri camp in the outskirts of Quetta.


March 1

An explosion was reported from the Wahdat Colony area of provincial capital Quetta. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported in these incidents.


March 2

Two bomb blasts occurred at Quetta. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported. Police said terrorists planted an explosive device near the house of Police Constable, Riaz Hussain, which exploded, damaging the boundary wall.


March 3

Four bombs exploded in the provincial capital Quetta, without causing any damage.


March 4

A LeJ terrorist, Ramzan Mengal, is reported to have been arrested from Quetta for his alleged involvement in a number of sectarian killings in the capital. Mengal was arrested from the New Saraib area, Capital City Police Officer, Rafi Pervez Bhatti, said. He was responsible for a number of sectarian killings between 2001 and 2004 and carried a Rupees 1 million bounty on his head.


March 6

Two bombs exploded in Quetta, without causing any damage.


March 8

Over 25 people have reportedly been arrested in connection with bomb blasts, rocket-firing incidents and targeting vital installations in different parts of the Balochistan province. They were detained during recent police raids on the Marri camp and Killi Kambrani, Quetta, Kalat and Sibi districts, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Choudhury Yaqoob, told a press conference in the provincial capital Quetta. During interrogation, the IGP claimed, the suspects had confessed to their involvement in terrorist activities and revealed the presence of terrorist training camps in Kohlu district.


March 10

Two successive explosions occurred in Quetta. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


March 18

An explosion occurred in Quetta near the Al-Gailani road. However, no casualties were reported.


March 19

A bomb exploded on the Smangli Road in Quetta without causing any damage.


April 9

Police arrested three people and seized a huge cache of weapons from them including hand grenades, kalashnikovs and pistols in Quetta. Superintendent of Police Wazir Khan Nasir said the weapons had been used in bomb blasts and rocket firing incidents in the province. Among the weapons seized were 100 hand grenades, 204 explosive rods, 486 bullets, 97 rocket fuses, 4,400 kalashnikov bullets, three kalashnikovs, 15 kalashnikov magazines, two pistols, four pistol magazines, 26 remote control circuits, 48 hand grenade fuses and 300 detonators.


April 12

The Police seized a 100mm Russian-made rocket from the Killi Aminabad area of Quetta.


April 19

Two bomb explosions occurred in Quetta without causing any damage.


May 8

Police claimed to have foiled terrorist attacks and seized a large cache of weapons, including rockets and hand-grenades, during a raid conducted at Eastern bypass in Quetta. The seizure included one rocket launcher, five rockets, 25 hand-grenade and seven detonators. However, no arrests were made.


May 9

In Quetta, a device exploded near a mosque on the Jaint Road and another exploded along the wall of a playground on Spani Road. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported in these blasts.


May 13

A bomb exploded on the premises of the heavily guarded district court in Quetta. However, no loss of life or damage was reported.


May 27

There were three bomb explosions in Quetta. However, no casualties were reported. Police said a bomb exploded near the Balochistan Irrigation Department, while there were two explosions in the Pakistan Telecommunications Corporation Limited Colony on Saryab Road, damaging windows of the adjacent buildings. No group has claimed responsibility for these explosions.


June 14

A bomb explosion occurred in Quetta. However, no casualty was reported from the incident site. A bomb planted near a school in Jinnah Town exploded around 11.15pm (PST) causing panic among the people.


June 19

A bomb exploded near a shop at Jinnah Town. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


June 23

The police seized a huge quantity of explosive material and rockets during a raid in Quetta. The seizure included 48-kg high power T&T material, 14 rockets, 97 detonators, 27 time pencil bombs, seven disposable rocket launchers, a map showing the important installations in Quetta and other weapons. However, no arrests were made.


June 25

Two rockets were fired at the residence of Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Muhammad Yousuf in Quetta. However, no casualties were reported in the attack.


July 14

Four bomb blasts were reported from Quetta. While a hand-grenade was lobbed at the building of the office of the Director-General of Health Services, another grenade targeted the office of excise department on Sariab Road after five minutes. The third targeted the head office of the Post Master General Balochistan in the same area. The location of fourth explosion could not be immediately ascertained.


July 15

Two unidentified motorcyclists opened fire at Dr. Nadir Khan, a Professor of Medicine at Bolan Medical Complex, and injured him when he was on his way to a hospital in Quetta. Police said that Prof. Khan, from the Shia sect, could have been attacked for sectarian reasons.


July 18

In a suspected sectarian incident, two unidentified assailants shot dead the owner of a school, Syed Tahir Reza Rizvi, and injured his wife in Quetta.


July 28

114 suspected militants are reported to have been arrested in Quetta, in the ongoing crackdown on Islamist extremism. "We have rounded up around 114 people from all over the city," disclosed Pervez Zahoor, a Senior Superintendent of Police, adding that hate material, including books and computer discs, were also recovered. Most of those who have been arrested reportedly belong to the outlawed Sunni group Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP).


July 30

Quetta Police defused a 10-kg bomb at Aalmo Chowk on Airport Road. The bomb, attached to a bicycle, was meant to target a security convoy, which passed the site within minutes of the bomb being defused.


August 10

A Shia businessman, Syed Anwar Abdi, was shot dead by two motorcycle-borne assailants in a sectarian incident at Quetta.


August 15

At least seven bombs exploded and more than 10 rockets were fired at Kohlu, Mach and Quetta in the Balochistan province during the last 24 hours but causing no casualties. Suspected Baloch insurgents are reported to have targeted, among other installations, a police station and railway tracks.


August 18

A cache of arms and ammunition was seized from the Punchapai area during an operation by the Frontier Corps (FC). The FC personnel recovered the cache, hidden underground in an uninhabited area, which included 81 mortar bombs, five hand grenades, one rocket launcher, one rocket, one 12.7mm gun and 170 bombs.


September 14

In a sectarian incident, unidentified assailants shot dead a Shia man, Ejazul Hasan, in Quetta.


September 20

Three bomb blasts were reported from Quetta. However, no one was injured in these explosions. The first bomb, planted in the Killi Qambrani area, exploded at 7:50pm (PST) while another exploded after 50 minutes at Pod Killi Chowk. A third explosion occurred near the residence of provincial Minister Mir Asim Gaillu Kurd in the Railway Housing Society area.


October 25

A rocket attack was reported from the cantonment area of Quetta. However, it did not cause any damage. A rocket landed in the residential area near Chiltan Market damaging an under-construction apartment and some cars. In another incident, police recovered a live rocket from the Killi Gul Mohammad area.


October 26

A Shia teacher, Murid Abbas, is killed on his way to school in Quetta.


October 30

Saboteurs fired a rocket at the Khuzdar cantonment area of Quetta. Police sources said that unidentified men had fired a rocket from the mountains in the west of the township targeting the office of an intelligence agency.


November 1

SFs are reported to have killed a foreign al Qaeda suspect and arrested another in Quetta. "Security forces had an encounter when they raided a house [at Sirki Road] in Quetta on Tuesday. They captured a foreigner and killed another and they may be Al Qaeda operatives," Information Minister Sheikh Rashid told. "They are Arabs but their nationality is not yet known," Rashid added. Security agencies are reportedly trying to establish if one of the men is a wanted Syrian national, Mustafa Setmariam Nasar alias Abu Musab Al Suri, who has a bounty of $5 million. Nasar is an Al Qaeda trainer at terrorist camps in Afghanistan and an expert in using poisons and chemicals. He is allegedly also linked to the Madrid and London bombings.


November 7

A rocket attack was reported from the Satellite Town area. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


November 20

The police seized weapons from the suburbs of capital Quetta and arrested one person. Police raided the Killi Qamrani area and seized 13 shells of 82 MM, one rocket launcher, 10 shells of RPG and some ammunition.


December 6

The insurgents planted explosives on the track in Sariab area. Ghulam Rasool, Deputy Controller of Pakistan Railways, informed that the blast delayed a freight train but the damaged track was repaired in about three hours and passenger trains were not disturbed.


December 9

Police seized an anti-aircraft gun and arrested a man from a house near the airport in Quetta. Addressing a press conference, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ghulam Mohammad Dogar, informed that a police team raided a house in Killi Jumma Khan near the Quetta airport and seized an anti-aircraft gun along with 350 rounds and also arrested one person, identified as Ghousuddin.


December 13

Two rocket explosions were reported from the cantonment area. The first rocket landed in an open place close to the golf course of Quetta Club, while the second exploded near Madressah road soon after. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


December 16

Balochistan Police have reportedly detained more than 250 suspects in the last two days in connection with the increasing incidence of sectarian violence in the province. Quetta Range Deputy Inspector General of Police, Salman Syed, told that about 221 suspects were arrested in Quetta, capital of Balochistan, only. Around 12 incidents of targeted killing have been reported this year in which 10 people were killed and two were injured. Three people have been killed in separate incidents in this month so far.


December 21

Two rocket attacks were reported from Quetta. However, no casuality or loss of property was reported. Official sources said the first rocket was fired at around 9.35pm in an open area on the Sirki Road. The other rocket, fired about half and hour later, exploded at a place in the cantonment area. Meanwhile, reports from Harnai said that two bomb explosions occurred near the railway station but caused no damage.





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