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Terrorism-related Incidents in Quetta - 2006


Date Incident


January 12

Suspected Baloch insurgents blew up the railway track near the Airport road suspending train services between Quetta and the border town of Chaman.


January 15

A house was attacked with a hand-grenade in the Shahbaz town of Quetta.


January 17

A bomb explosion was reported from a Government employees' colony on the White Road area in Quetta. However, there was no loss of life or injuries.


January 18

A powerful explosion occurred in Quetta. However, no casualties were reported.


January 22

A bomb exploded in Quetta, without causing any loss of life or damage to property. The device which had been planted near a hotel in the cantonment area exploded at 10.15pm.


January 26

A bomb exploded at the Join Road area in Quetta. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


January 29

A rocket exploded in the house of a senior official of the Balochistan Government in the cantonment area. Police said the rocket fired from an unknown place hit the rooftop of the house of Captain (retd) Niaz Mohammad Jaffar. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


February 12

A bomb exploded on the White Road area, damaging a building. No casualties were reported.


February 25

Suspected insurgents targeted the residence of Livestock Minister, Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo, with rockets, killing one person and injuring eight others. Police said three rockets were fired on his official residence in the Railway Housing Society. One rocket hit the guesthouse in the building, killing a villager who had come to Quetta for treatment and injuring eight others. Another rocket landed in the house but it did not explode. Bizenjo himself was reportedly in Islamabad attending a course at the National Defence College. A caller identifying himself as Azad Baloch and spokesman for the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), told reporters that the BLA had carried out the attack.


February 27

A pipeline supplying gas to parts of the Sariab area was blown up in Quetta. Following the blast which damaged the pipeline, gas supply to several areas was suspended. A spokesman for the Sui Southern Gas Company said the explosion caused serious damage to the six-inch diameter pipeline.


March 1

Insurgents killed a pro-government politician, Pakistan Worker's Party Chairman Nasrullah Kakar, in Bostan.


March 3

Two girls, Mahnoor Ejaz and Mussarat Nazir, were killed and three other children sustained injuries in a hand-grenade attack in the PTCL Colony area.


March 9

A Police constable and his eight-year-old daughter were wounded during a grenade attack in Quetta.


March 15

14 people, mostly schoolgirls, were wounded when a bomb exploded near a girls' college at Brewery Road. The bomb was planted in a store adjacent to the college, said Police official Wazir Khan Nasir.


March 18

There were two bomb explosions in the provincial capital Quetta, one of them near the house of Nawabzada Gazin Marri, the son of Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri. However, no casualties were reported in these explosions.


March 25

57 suspected insurgents were arrested for their alleged involvement in attacks on Security Forces (SFs) and Government installations in Balochistan. The Police detained some 57 suspects, including 24 arrested in a raid on a camp run by the Marri tribe near Quetta, city Police officer Mujibur Rehman said.


April 1

Insurgents lobbed a hand grenade into the house of a Policeman in the Sariab Road locality injuring his daughter-in-law.


April 19

Unidentified men killed two soldiers, identified as Fraz and Muhammad Murad, in the Awran area.


April 23

Three persons, including an alleged terrorist, were injured in a bomb blast at a bus stand in Quetta. Police said the blast occurred as the accused, identified as Mohammad Saeed Khilji, attempted to enter a bus. "The accused is an Afghan national and belongs to the Babul area in Afghanistan," Balochistan Inspector-General Police Choudhury Mohammad Yaqoob said.


April 25

A suspected Afghan bomb-maker and four members of his family are killed when an explosive device he was building blew up in their home on the outskirts of Quetta.


April 30

Police in Quetta arrested two Afghans suspected of planning to carry out suicide bombings. The two men were arrested on the basis of information secured from another suspected suicide bomber, Syed Muhammad, a report quoted Quetta's Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Ghulam Muhammad Dogar as saying. Muhammad was arrested while attempting to blow himself up on Quetta's Circular Road a few days ago.


May 6

Gunmen riding on a motorcycle killed a former regional Taliban leader, Mullah Samad Barakzai, who was head of the Department for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Helmand during the Taliban's rule, near a seminary in Quetta. Qazi Abdul Wahid, an area Police chief, said, "We have made no arrest, but it seems that he has been killed by Taliban."


May 11

Six Police personnel of the Anti-Terrorist Force are killed and 13 others sustain injuries in five powerful bomb explosions at the firing range of the Police Training College in Quetta. The banned Baloch Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the blasts.


May 31

A bomb exploded near the city branch of the National Bank of Pakistan in Quetta. Windowpanes of the bank and nearby buildings were damaged. However, no casualty was reported.


June 1

Police arrested a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) activist from the Sariab area. Habibullah Zehri was reportedly wanted in 28 sectarian cases and had a PKR 1 million reward on his head.


June 2

Police seized a large quantity of arms from a house on the outskirts of the provincial capital and arrested a man, identified as Mohammad Azam, who allegedly smuggled the weapons from Afghanistan.


June 12

Five people were killed and 17 sustained injuries in a bomb blast at Gul Balochistan Hotel on the Sariab Road at 10:35am. Mir Shoaib Nausherwani, the Balochistan Home Minister, blamed the Balochistan Liberation Army for the blast. However, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, the Balochistan National Party President, accused intelligence agencies of masterminding the blast in order to defame the Baloch leaders.


June 25

Unidentified militants fired three rockets in Quetta, injuring a civilian. One of the rockets hit a house in front of the Combined Military Hospital, the second hit a hotel on Jinnah Road while a third landed on Muno Jan Road in the Kili Arbab area. Police officials said that they had defused another rocket found on Muno Jan road.


June 29

Two civilians, identified as Khuram and Mushataq Ahmed, were shot dead in separate incidents by unidentified insurgents in the Quetta District.


July 5

Four persons, including a woman and a child, were wounded as a powerful bomb exploded at Qili Spain. Another bomb explosion was reported in Gadai.


July 7

14 civilians were injured when a bomb exploded at the crowded Suraj Ganj bazaar.


July 17

SFs arrested a Taliban commander, identified as Nawa Killi, and 42 Afghans during raids conducted in different areas of Quetta.


July 28

Unidentified gunmen shot dead two civilians, Munir Ahmed and Zahoor Ahmed, at Wahdat Colony.


August 4

A boy was injured when a bomb exploded in a residential area on Wafa Road.


August 13

A bomb explosion was reported near the house of an official, Mazhar Rasheed Khokhar, in the Wahdat Colony. However, no one was hurt in the blast.

Another bomb exploded in the Shahbaz Town near the house of an officer of the State Bank without causing any damage. Police said that two separate bomb blasts occurred in the Patel Bagh and Khojak Road areas. One of the bombs was planted inside a dustbin while the other was placed near the wall of a girls' convent school. The wall of the school was damaged.


August 13

Police arrested at least 50 suspects from different areas of Quetta in connection with the gas pipeline blast that suspended gas supply to Quetta, Pishin and Ziarat for at least four hours.


August 15

Four bombs exploded in Quetta.


August 15

Security agencies arrested 29 Taliban suspects, including a local 'commander', during a raid on the Al Khair Hospital on Zargoon Road. "Ten of the Taliban were under treatment at the hospital, while the reaming Taliban were in the hospital to meet them," said sources. The suspects were being treated for wounds sustained in fighting in Afghanistan's Kandahar province in recent weeks, said a hospital official.


August 24

16 persons, including two girls, are wounded in two bomb blasts at Model Town close to a busy bus stand and headquarters of the Frontier Corps in Quetta.


August 28

Police detain some 100 Baloch students, including Gulzar Baloch, general secretary of the Baloch Students Organisation, bringing the total detained in provincial capital Quetta to approximately 550.


September 3

Six people were injured in a hand grenade attack on the Jail Road.


September 10

Power supply to 15 of the 29 Districts of Balochistan, including capital Quetta, was disrupted after four pylons supporting two transmission lines in Mach were blown up by the insurgents. According to the Quetta Electric Supply Company (Qesco), saboteurs planted explosives round four pylons of 220kv Uch-Sibi-Quetta transmission line and 132kv Sibi-Mach-Quetta line and detonated it. The blast blew up the huge towers plunging more than half of Balochistan province into darkness.


September 10

18 people were injured when a bomb exploded on the Prince Road. The bomb was reportedly in a packet left on a bicycle parked near a restaurant.


September 13

Police claimed to have arrested 14 suspected Taliban operatives in a raid on a private hospital on Zargoon Road in Quetta. "Six of the arrested Taliban were injured while the rest had come to see them at the hospital when the Police arrested them," official sources said, adding that the suspects were from Afghanistan's Helmand province, and that some of them had been admitted to the hospital after they were injured in a clash. Taliban 'group commander' Mullah Ghaffar was among those arrested. Balochistan Police chief Chaudhry Mohammed Yaqoob, however, refused to confirm the arrests.


September 18

Three civilians and two Police personnel were wounded when a time bomb exploded in a crowded market in Quetta.


September 23

Insurgents blew up a natural gas pipeline, cutting supply to thousands of homes. There were no casualties when the pipeline, supplying gas to suburban areas of provincial capital Quetta, was hit by explosives, said Police official Mohammad Arif Shah.


September 28

Unidentified persons fired two rockets in Quetta. While one rocket landed at an isolated place in the Brewery area, the other fell in the foothills of Murdar mountain in Marriabad. No loss of life or injuries was reported.


October 1

An explosion at Barori road in Quetta, shattered windowpanes of the nearby buildings. A homemade bomb device was planted near a house in Faisal Town in the provincial capital, which exploded. The blast made a crater and shattered windowpanes in nearby buildings but no casualties were reported in the incident.


October 1

An unidentified person lobbed a hand-grenade on the house of one Mohammad Jan Qabrani in the Faisal Town area of Quetta. Another explosion occurred near the house of Major (retd) Safiuulah Khan, head of an NGO. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported in these incidents.


October 1

Police arrested nine Taliban suspects during a raid on Al-Khidmat Hospital, a private hospital, in Quetta. Six of the arrested were reportedly injured in a fight in Afghanistan and were under treatment at the hospital, while three others were there to look after the injured.


October 7

Police arrested over 45 suspected Taliban operatives during a series of raids in the Balochistan province near the Afghan border. The arrests were made in the provincial capital Quetta and in a raid on a hotel in the nearby town of Kuchlak. "We have arrested around a dozen suspects from Kuchlak and 33 from Quetta," said Qazi Abdul Wahid, a senior Police official in Quetta.


October 11

Police arrested 17 suspected Taliban operatives in two raids on buildings in the Pashtoonabad locality of Quetta.


October 12

Two bomb blasts in Quetta damaged Government building windows, but caused no casualties. The first blast damaged the boundary wall of a water pumping station in the Kharotabad area, while the second blast near the civil secretariat damaged office windows. Another bomb exploded in the remote town of Naushki near a tile factory, but there were no casualties, a local Police official said.


October 19

Police personnel were injured in a hand-grenade attack in Quetta.


October 24

A bomb blast occurred in the the Wahdat Colony area. However, no casualty was reported.


October 26

Insurgents exploded bombs attached to three legs of an electricity pylon near Quetta. However, no casualty was reported.


October 28

A bicycle bomb exploded outside a Police barracks in Quetta, killing at least one person and injuring 12. The blast reportedly occurred near Global Plaza on the Police Line in the highly sensitive area of Quetta Cantonment.


October 29

Two rockets fired from an unknown place in the west of Quetta city with brief interval causing panic among the residents of these areas. However, no casualty was reported. The rockets landed in open areas near the Jinnah Market and Chaman railway crossing.


November 2

Two Police officers and a civilian were killed in a bomb blast on Shahra-e-Gulastan in front of the Inspector General's office in Quetta.


November 2

Quetta Police defused an 18 kilogram explosive device from an abandoned bike in front of a local hotel in the crowded premises of the Liaquat Bazaar.


November 5

Police raided different areas of Quetta and arrested about 100 suspects in connection with a car bomb explosion in front of the Central Police Office on November 2. According to Police sources, most of the suspects are Uzbeks from northern Afghanistan. "We have arrested around 70 Uzbeks and handed them over to the authorities concerned for interrogation," said Senior Superintendent of Police (Quetta) Qazi Abdul Wahid.


November 6

Police arrested a suspected member of the Balochistan Liberation Army, Bakht Ali Bugti, in a raid at a house in the BMC Colony of Zarghoon Town in Quetta. They also seized five Klashnikovs, two hand grenades, three timers of 107 rockets and a huge quantity of explosive material from his hideout.


November 8

Unidentified men hurled a hand grenade on the house of a bank employee, Irfan Baig, in the Jinnah Town area of Quetta. However, there was no loss of life or property.


November 10

Unidentified assailants fired a rocket at the Balochistan Assembly building in Quetta. No loss of life or injuries was reported.


November 13

Two persons, including an eight-year-old girl, were killed and 15 others sustained injuries when a powerful bomb exploded outside a fast food centre in the Smmungli area of Quetta.


November 21

Police arrested 47 suspected Taliban operatives from various areas in Quetta. "They are the real Taliban. They had illegally crossed into Pakistan a week ago," Salman Syed, the Capital City Police Officer said. According to sources, Police arrested 28 of them from the Pashtoonabad area. They had been living in a rented house which was being used as a seminary. One of them was found in injured condition and was shifted to the Civil Hospital. Four other suspects were detained from the Saddar area. Another group of 15 Taliban activists were arrested from Kuchlak, a small town about 25 km from Quetta. Officials said that the Taliban suspects belonged to southern parts of Afghanistan, including Zabul, Uruzgan, Kandahar and Helmand provinces.


November 26

A hand-grenade was lobbed at a private residence of a Pakistan Air Force officer in the Samugali Housing Scheme area of Quetta. The grenade exploded in the backyard of the house and there were no casualties.


November 30

Police arrested seven suspected Taliban activists during a raid on a house in the Pakhtunabad area. One of the suspects was injured in the raid. Those arrested were identified as Maulvi Amir Mohammad, Maulvi Anuddin, Naseer Ahmad, Mohammad Yousuf, Maulvi Amir Hamza, Abdul Wahid and Abdul Ahad. They belonged to Kandahar, Zabul and Urzgan in Afghanistan.


December 8

A powerful explosion was reported from Quetta. Sources said that it was a rocket fired from the Brewery area but it was not clear where it exploded.


December 20

14 civilians are injured when a bomb went off at a cycle stand near the Quetta Police station.


December 20

Seven persons, including some Afghan nationals, are arrested from Quetta in connection with the December 20 bomb blast in which 14 persons were injured.

72 December 23

A bomb placed in a garbage box explodes on New Najmuddin Road in Quetta, without causing any damage.

73 December 23

Unidentified assailants lobbed an explosive device at a hotel on the Jinnah Road area.

74 December 29

Police arrests a tribal militant wanted in connection with bomb blasts, and also killed his accomplice on the outskirts of provincial capital Quetta.

75 December 29

Unidentified assailants lobbed two hand grenades into the servant quarter of the Saddar Police station and Quetta District Jail, but there are no casualties.





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