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Terrorism-related Incidents in Quetta - 2007


Date Incident


January 3

Police in Quetta arrested two militants allegedly involved in gas pipeline explosions in the province.


January 16

Police arrested nine suspected Taliban militants in Kuchlak, some 25 kilometers from Quetta. A senior police official said the militants – believed to be from Ghazni province of Afghanistan – were staying at a small hotel.


February 10

Gas supply to parts of Quetta is disrupted for over 12 hours after suspected insurgents blew up a major gas pipeline. The 16-inch diameter pipeline was ruptured in the Kili Kambarani locality on the outskirts of Quetta. However, no loss of life or injuries is reported.


February 12

Two bomb blasts occurred in Quetta. According to police sources, unknown people fired a rocket around 11:30pm that landed and exploded in Pashtoonabad area. A portion of the house was damaged due to the explosion. Another powerful explosion was reported from the Balock-5 area of the Satellite town. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


February 17

17 people, including a senior civil judge, were killed and 30 others injured in a suicide bombing in the Quetta District Courts compound. The blast occurred inside the courtroom of Senior Civil Judge Abdul Wahid Durrani at 11:05am (PST). Tariq Masood Khosa, Balochistan’s Inspector General of Police, said, "It was a suicide bombing which is evident from the recovery of the heads of two persons. One of them entered the courtroom and blew himself up."


February 18

Special police teams raided different places in Quetta and detained around 50 suspects, including 25 Afghan nationals, in connection with the suicide-bombing of February 17 in which at least 17 people were killed.


February 20

Rail link between Quetta and the rest of the country is cut off as insurgents reportedly blew up a main railway line in the Parkaniabad area of Sariab.


February 20

Supply of gas to four districts in Balochistan and a private power plant is disrupted as insurgents blew up a main pipeline in Akhtarabad, a suburb of Quetta. According to police sources, militants planted a powerful explosive device beneath the pipeline near Killi Raisani of the Akhtarabad area and blew it up.


February 22

Police seized eight kilograms of explosive material, a detonator and a remote-controlled bomb from the Hazar Gangi area, but no arrests are made.


February 25

Insurgents blew up a two-foot section of the railway track near the provincial capital with a powerful bomb. Police defused three other bombs found near the blast’s site.


February 27

Security Forces captured a high-ranking Taliban leader, Mullah Obaidullah Akhund in Quetta. An unidentified security official said that Akhund, the third most senior member of the Taliban’s 10-member leadership council, was arrested hours after a visit to Pakistan by United States Vice-President Dick Cheney.


February 28

Five Afghans with suspected links to the Taliban were arrested during a raid in a hotel. Police official Qazi Abdul Wahid said, "They appeared to be affiliates of the Taliban..."


March 16

The provincial capital was rocked by three separate blasts. Sources said that a child was injured in a blast caused by a hand grenade that was lobbed into a Police constable’s house.


March 17

A rocket fired by suspected insurgents at troops in Quetta garrison missed its target and hit a civilian residential building and damaged the roof. No one was injured.


March 18

Part of a main railway track was blown up with explosives in the Spazend area, about 22 kilometres south of Quetta, but there was no disruption to the train service, railway official Mohammad Javed said. No one was injured


March 20

Two policemen were injured in a hand-grenade attack on a Police vehicle in Quetta.


March 22

Two rockets exploded in different areas of Quetta while the Quetta-Sibi train link was severed after insurgents blew up the main railway line.


March 27

Four bomb blasts were reported from Quetta. However, there were no casualties. The first blast took place on Barori Road, shattering windows of nearby buildings. The other three blasts were only heard by people, but Police said none of these explosions had been reported to them.


April 3

A watchman of the Quetta Electric Supply Company was killed when he struck a landmine during the repair work of the transmission lines damaged in subversive acts in Bolan district. Four towers of 220 KV and 132 KV transmission line were blown up in Bolan on April 1, causing power suspension in over 18 districts of Balochistan.


April 27

A portion of the boundary wall of the Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences in Quetta was damaged and the windowpanes of the nearby houses were destroyed when a bomb exploded at 9:15 pm. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


May 2

A portion of a gas pipeline in the Kharotabad suburbs of Quetta was damaged by an explosion and gas supply was suspended to the adjoining areas.


May 9

A bomb exploded near the residence of Livestock Minister Mir Abdul Qadoos Bizenjo. Police said that windowpanes of the minister’s and adjacent houses were damaged in the blast. The minister and his family were not present in the house at the time of the blast. It was the second bomb blast near the residence of Bizenjo. The police are reported to have defused another bomb in the same area.


May 27

A security guard of a private company was killed and another wounded when a bomb planted in a van exploded in the parking lot of the Sui Southern Gas Company office in Quetta. Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations), Rehmatullah Niazi, disclosed that security guard, Hamidullah, was killed on the spot while another guard, Mullah Dad, sustained injuries.


May 27

A bomb was reportedly lobbed into the house of councillor Aziz Qureshi, injuring police constable Tahir-ul-Hasan who was passing by the area.


May 28

Three civilians were injured in six separate bomb blasts in Quetta. The intervals between the blasts ranged from 12 to 15 minutes. The first blast occurred at Satellite Town in the house of a retired health inspector, the second one at a warehouse where three labourers were injured. The third and fourth blasts occurred in Qili Hussaini and Qili Mubarik. Two more blasts were heard, but their locations could not be determined. The Baloch Liberation Front claimed responsibility for these blasts.


May 30

One person, identified him as Inyatullah, was killed and eight others sustained injuries in a hand grenade attack in the Sariab road area. Police said two people on a motorcycle hurled the grenade on a hair-cutting saloon.


June 6

Three suspected Taliban militants were arrested from a residential complex on the Jinnah Road. Sources said that Anti-Terrorist Force personnel raided a flat in the complex and arrested them after an exchange of fire.


June 6

Police arrested three people from the Patel Bagh and the Airport Road areas and seized explosive material from them.


June 12

Three police personnel and a civilian were injured in a hand grenade attack on a hotel at Golli Mar Chowk in Quetta.


June 14

Seven army soldiers, a police constable and a passer-by were killed when some unidentified armed men attacked a van on the Zarghoon road in Quetta. Police said the victims were going to the Quetta Staff College from the railway station in a hired vehicle after arriving in the city by Chiltan Express. When the van reached near the Railway Rest House, the armed men opened fire, killing seven people on the spot and injuring six others. The armed men also shot at two police personnel on a motorcycle, injuring them seriously. One of the police personnel later died in a hospital.


June 22

Four people were injured when an unidentified man lobbed a hand grenade at a barber’s shop on the Prince Road.


June 26

Unidentified terrorists killed two people in the Satellite Town area. Amir Hussain Mughal and Rizwan had come to Quetta from Mandi Bahauddin on June 25-night.


July 8

Four senior associates of Taliban chief Mullah Mohammed Omar were arrested from two areas in Quetta, said an Afghan intelligence source. Those arrested included two men responsible for Mullah Omar’s letters and communications — Mullah Jahangir and Mullah Mohid. The others in detention are Mullah Nazir, former Taliban commander in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan, and Mullah Tahir, the former Taliban commander of Kabul.


July 14

One Frontier Corps (FC) personal was killed and three others injured in an ambush in the Balida area. The FC personal were busy in relief activities when they were attacked.


July 25

Police arrested Zahoor alias Choota Waqar, an activist of the proscribed Sunni group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ). Zahoor belongs to Dera Murad Jamali and is wanted for the killing of important Shiite personalities of Quetta, and two bomb blasts in Shia places of worship.


July 27

Abdul Raziq Bugti, spokesperson for the Balochistan Government and a prominent politician, was assassinated in a high-security zone of Quetta by unidentified gunmen. The BLA claimed responsibility for the incident which occurred on the Zarghoon road, half a kilometre away from the Governor House and Balochistan Secretariat. 55-year old Raziq Bugti was on his way home from the PTV Quetta Station, when unidentified armed men opened indiscriminate fire on his vehicle, killing him on the spot.


August 12

Three people, including the two police personnel, were wounded in Quetta when motorcyclists lobbed a grenade at them.


August 13

Police said two persons lobbed a hand-grenade in the house of a retired government employee at Kalat Street in Quetta. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


August 13

Two explosions were heard in two different areas of Quetta, but their locations could not be ascertained.


August 21

A bomb blast was reported from a residential colony in the Brewery Road area. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.


August 22

16 persons, including two women, were injured in two grenade attacks in the provincial capital Quetta. In the first attack, six people in a barber shop on the Zarghoon Road were wounded and in the second 10 people in and around a tailor’s shop in the Brewery area sustained injuries.


August 24

Two children were injured in two explosions in Quetta. Police sources said some people hurled a grenade into the house of Imran Rajput on the Sariab Road wounding his daughter.


August 24

A boy was injured in a bomb blast at Killi Khezi on the outskirts of Quetta.


August 26

Two hand-grenades were lobbed into a house in the Sariab road area. One of the grenades exploded, damaging windowpanes of the house.


August 26

Insurgents blew up a gas pipeline in Killi Omar, suspending gas supply to many villages near Quetta.


August 26

A spokesman for the Anjuman Ittehad Marri said that police personnel conducted raids on the new Kahan camp on the outskirts of Quetta and arrested 32 people.


August 31

A hand-grenade was lobbed at the house of a police constable in the Abdul Hameed Street of Quetta.


August 31

An explosion damaged the wall of a ladies park near Jinnah town.


September 5

Two personnel of the Frontier Corps and a passer-by were shot dead in an attack by armed assailants on the Brewery Road.


September 7

Two bomb blasts occurred in Quetta. The first blast was caused by an explosive device planted in a dustbin on the Sabzal Road while the second explosion was reported from a nearby area. However, no loss of life or property was reported.


September 23

A bomb blast occurred in satellite town near Muhammadi Masjid (mosque) in Quetta. No loss of life or injury was reported.


September 26

The Superintendent of Police (Investigation Cell), Syed Sharyab, and his two guards died when their vehicle was ambushed in the Samungli area. His driver and security in charge of the Pakistan Television Centre (Quetta) were wounded in the incident. The proscribed Baloch Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the attack.


October 10

Unidentified gunmen ambushed the car of a prominent ruling Pakistan Muslim League leader, Sher Jan Marri, and shot him dead in Quetta, senior police official Qazi Abdul Wahid said. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the killing. Marri was a former deputy mayor of Kohlu district.


November 12

A grenade was lobbed into the Quetta city police station, wounding a police official.


November 21

Three people were killed in the Huda area after unidentified armed men riding a motorbike opened fire on them.


November 21

A group of armed men opened fire on a police van on the Brewery road, killing a constable and injuring three other policemen.


November 21

Arsonists torched an ambulance of the Bolan Medical Complex and a building formerly housing a government organisation in Killi Shabo.


November 21

Two policemen were injured after a bomb exploded near the WAPDA grid station in Sariab.


November 21

Two Frontier Corps personnel were injured when a hand grenade was thrown at their vehicle in the Sariab area.


November 21

An office of the Punjabi Ittehad was set ablaze on Query road in the provincial capital.


November 22

There were two bomb blasts in the Killi Bunglezai and Smungli Road areas of Quetta.


November 25

A woman was killed and seven members of her family, including four children, sustained injuries when a rocket exploded in their house on the Tareen Road. Police sources said the rocket had landed on the roof of the house of one Abdul Haq Rind and exploded, killing the woman, identified as Zainab Bibi.


November 25

Hand-grenades were hurled in two houses in the Satellite Town area, injuring one person. Another hand-grenade hit a house on the Ahmed Shah Street of Jail Road.


November 26

Unidentified people killed two Government officials in Quetta as violence that erupted in the city after the death of Baloch nationalist leader Balach Marri continued. Noshaki District Tehsildar (revenue administrative officer) Asghar Mengal and his security guard were killed in an ambush on the Dr Bano Road. A passerby was also injured in the incident, while the assailants managed to escape from the scene. However, Quetta police said that the incident was result of a tribal feud.


December 4

One Frontier Corps personnel, Khan Zaman, was killed and a Balochistan Constabulary soldier, Ali Mohammad, sustained injuries in an attack on their check-post in the Hudda area.


December 7

A civilian sustained injuries in a bomb blast in a sweet shop on Jinnah Road.


December 12

Two Balochistan Constabulary personnel, Ismail Khan and Muhammad Yaqoob, were shot dead in Quetta. The Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the incident.


December 13

Two suicide bombings near an army check-post in Quetta killed seven people, including three personnel of the Pakistan Army, military spokesman Major General Waheed Arshad said. Official sources said that a young, bearded man approached the military checkpoint at the Hana Road in the cantonment area and when the military police tried to stop him, he blew himself up at about 5pm. As the military personnel were busy in the rescue operation and stopping people from getting close to the scene of the first bombing, a second suicide bomber detonated his explosives.


December 17

A boy was killed while nine other persons, including a police constable, were injured in a bomb blast on the Abdul Sattar Road of Quetta.


December 17

A civilian sustained injuries in a landmine blast in Quetta.


December 17

A landmine was defused by the Police in the provincial capital.





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