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Maharashtra Timeline 2016



January 17

A CPI-Maoist 'commander' carrying reward of INR 1.2 million on his head, surrendered before the Gadchiroli District Police along with his wife and another woman cadre. Each of the women Maoists, wanted for their alleged role in various encounters with the police, carried reward of INR 200,000 on their heads. "Baburao Pesu Devu Wachami, the platoon commander of 'Chamorshi Dalam' (armed squad), was allegedly involved in four serious offences including three encounters with police and a bomb blast," the Police stated in a press release. Wachami's wife Payki Girija Madika Barse, working for 'Sitapur Dalam', also laid down arms.

January 20

The CPI-Maoist in Maharashtra has issued a 'hit list' of 37 persons who they vow to eliminate in 2016. The Maoists have roped in units of 'Company-10', trained to kill with precision, from Chhattisgarh to execute the plan. Contrary to the Maharashtra government's recent claim that LWE is on the wane, the State faces a renewed red cadre that has vowed to eliminate 37 senior Police officers and informants in 2016. "This [the latest hit list] is a matter of serious concern for the State, even as inputs show new strategies are being adopted to attract youth with fresh vigour," an intelligence note in possession of The Hindu reads.

Diliip Uikey alias Guha, a top CPI-Maoist leader who was active in three states for nearly two decades and named in more than 200 cases, including 19 murders in Balaghat District of MP, will be questioned by the Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh Police, officials said on January 20. Guha, who hails from Matte village in Balaghat District, was arrested from the jungles in Songudda in Balaghat by the MP Police in May, 2015. He carried a total of INR 3.5 million cash reward on his head. According to Police, Guha was a member of the Malajkhand dalam in the mid-1990s and later became the 'deputy commander' of a special guerilla squad before becoming the 'divisional commander' of Gadchiroli-Balaghat-Gondia committee of CPI-Maoist in 2008.

February 3

Upbeat at the success of its surrender policy for LWE, Maharashtra has extended the same up to August 28, 2017. The Policy had lapsed in August last year (2015) but wasn't renewed as the State Home Department was awaiting approval from the Finance Department. The State Government has been claiming that LWE-violence had ebbed in 2015 as a result of its lucrative surrender policy. The latest surrender policy, which carries a cash reward of INR 500000 resulted in 51 LWEs giving up arms last year, Maharashtra claims. Violence also came down substantially, even as before the new policy came into effect, 40 extremists had surrendered in 2014, and 48 in 2013.

February 14

Nine CPI-Maoist cadres including a 'divisional committee member' and two 'section commanders' surrendered in the last one week, the Gadchiroli Police of Maharashtra said in a statement. The top catch was Ramji Mattami alias Sunil (32) recently promoted as member of Kasansur divisional committee. He carried a reward of INR 1.6 million. Sources told that Mattami, active for over 15 years, was removed from the committee for alleged sexual misconduct with a woman cadre and had been staying at his native village. When the Police arrested him, Mattami was found to be working for the Maoists from home. "It was due to his promise to help the Police in sharing vital information about Naxal activities that the Police got him surrendered," said a source.

Among others who surrendered are Sattu Narote alias Shiva (26) and his wife Rekha Timma (27) were 'section commanders' of company 4 and each of them carried a reward of INR 800,000.

The other six cadres are Mira Narote (24), Kamla Hidko (35), Somji Atlami (28), Lakshman Narote (28), Dogde Atram (34), and Mangu Mattami (30) - had been active Maoists for years ranging between five and 14 years. While Mira had INR 400,000 reward on account of being a member of company dalam, others carried a reward of INR 200,000 each on their heads. Kamla Hidko is the wife of top Maoist leader Saoji Tulami, who spearheaded the Jantana Sarkar activity in the Tipagad area of Gadchiroli district.

CPI-Maoist cadres killed a civilian, identified as Sobu Gota (23), at Gaderi village under Etapalli taluka in Gadchiroli District, a press release issued by the Gadchiroli district Police said on February 17. Gota was forcibly taken away from his house and then killed, the Press release added.

February 15

A 40-year-old civilian, identified as Chanti Gorgunda of Patagudam village in Sironcha taluka of Gadchiroli District was killed by Maoists. The Maoists called Chanti out from his residence when he was taking his meals in the night. After some time, he was shot dead, Police said, adding they killed him as they suspected him to be a 'police informer'. One of his cousins is working with the Gadchiroli Police.

Centre will come up with 100 AIR Stations in Naxal affected States in the country and the first Radio Station will be constructed in Gadchiroli District.

March 10

The CPI-Maoist cadres have killed a Constable of Hedri Police Post in Etapalli Division of Gadchiroli District. The victim, Deepak Sadmake, was shot by the Maoists from close quarters when he was patrolling a village market with his colleagues.

March 12

In 2016, till February 15, two 'Jan Adalats' have been held in Chhattisgarh. While nearly one lakh paramilitary personnel continued to be deployed in LWE-affected areas, the 10 Naxal-hit states; Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, saw 226 deaths in 1,088 incidents of violence perpetrated by Maoists in 2015. In 2015, of the 226 deaths, 168 were civilians and 58 were SF personnel. As many as 89 Maoists were also killed and 1,668 were arrested and 570 cadres surrendered before authorities during the year.

March 13

People in Reknar village in Etapalli taluka were at the receiving end of Police wrath when a Crack-60 team of Hedri Police post in Gadchiroli District thrashed them in retaliation of killing of Constable Deepak Sedmake two days earlier (March 11) by the CPI-Maoist. A minor, force fed with chilli powder that had also been inserted in his anus, was among several to be tortured on the suspicion of having helped the Maoists team that killed Sedmake. Dasrath Usendi, a local farmer, said four villagers bore the brunt of Police atrocity while others were slapped and kicked. "After having vented their wrath, Police also whisked away four people to their post but released them in the evening," he said. "A day later, villagers lodged protest before tehsildar and sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) but nothing happened," he said. Earlier, sources from Hedri said Police had rounded up several traders from the weekly market where the Constable was killed. The traders were also thrashed at the camp. According to a source, two traders sustained fractures due to beating. A local source in Etapalli said the injury reports of the traders were later fudged under Police pressure too to show they had suffered a fall from tree. Inspector General of Police, Nagpur and Naxal range, Ravindra Kadam condemned the thrashing stating such incidents only pushed back the initiatives several years behind. "We have already called for explanation from the post in-charge and commander of the force at Hedri holding them responsible for the high-handedness. Actions would follow after the explanations are received," said Kadam.

March 20

Bodies of two slain CPI-Maoist cadres were recovered from the forest stretch between Gundam and Sewari in Etapalli division of Gadchiroli District. The Maoists were killed during an encounter with the Special Action Group and Crack-60 team of Gadchiroli District Police in Kasansur area during a cross-border combing operation along Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border. According to sources, a group of armed Maoists hiding in the forest opened fire at the forces at around 5.30 pm. The security personnel returned fire killing two of the Maoists. Police suspect that some other Maoists were injured in the encounter. However, the Maoists fled taking cover in the thick forest. The forces also recovered Maoist literature and other material from the slain Maoists. Two .303 rifles were also seized from the place.

March 22

Naxal activities continue to be a matter of concern with 35 Districts in seven states being badly-hit, according to the annual report of the UMHA for 2015-16. "Left Wing Extremism (LWE) remains an area of concern for internal security of the country," the report submitted to Parliament said. While 106 Districts in 10 States are affected by CPI-Maoist activities in varying degrees, 35 Districts in seven states are the most affected. "CPI (Maoist) continues to be the most potent among the various LWE outfits in the country and accounts for more than 80 per cent of total LWE violence incidents and resultant deaths," the report said.

March 27

The CPI-Maoist cadres have killed two persons in separate incidents in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra. The victims were identified as Suryabhan Tembhurne (38), resident of Wako village, and Panchamsingh Koreti (65), resident of Sonpur village.

April 14

A Policeman was killed when CPI-Maoist cadres opened indiscriminate fire at a function in Gadchiroli District. The attack came at a function which was addressed by former Maharashtra legislator Deepak Atram at Mauje Chhallewada village in Gadchiroli. Atram's Police bodyguard, Nanaji B Nagose, who was posted on duty near the stage, was suddenly accosted by six heavily armed Maoists who fired several rounds at him before fleeing into the nearby jungles. Nagose was rushed by a helicopter to Gadchiroli but he succumbed during treatment at the District Civil Hospital.

April 19

A CPI-Maoist woman 'deputy commander', identified as Sarita Kolu Kowase, belonging to Perimili Local Organizational Squad was killed in en encounter with SF personnel in the forest of Kudkeli at Bandenagar in Bhamragarh tehsil of Gadchiroli District. Sarita's husband Sainath, 'commander' of the LOS, too is learnt to have sustained bullet injuries on the chest before being dragged away by cadres from the spot. Apart from the Sarita's body, Police also recovered her SLR rifle and 35 bullets. The camp was later stormed by the Police party. They recovered a number of rucksacks, materials of daily needs, and explosives, wires and detonators.

April 25

CPI-Maoist cadres killed two civilians in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra. A Gadchiroli Police statement said "Matpurshaha Sanaku Holi (42), a resident of Khamtala village and Gogasu Budhu (41), a resident of Huralayadand village under Kurkheda block of Gadchiroli District were killed by the Maoists today [Monday]''. The Maoists went to the homes of both the victims and shot them dead branding them as 'Police informers' early morning," added the press statement. The murders took place in an area considered to be "less sensitive and civil" area of Gadchiroli. The incidents have come as a surprise to security establishment in this District.

April 26

Six companies of 191 battalion of CRPF have been redeployed in Etapalli division of southern Gadchiroli where the CPI-Maoist cadres appear to be trying to revive their movement. Two companies of 37 battalion of CRPF have been shifted to Repanpalli and Rajaram Khanla while another two to Koti and Nargunda. The region, now turned into a fortress, serves as a corridor to Maoist stronghold of Abhujmadh spread across Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border.

The ongoing construction work of an interstate bridge on Pranhita River on Maharashtra-Telangana border was thwarted by the Naxalites who set an excavator on fire and also damaged other equipment at the construction site at Gudem in Aheri taluka of Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra. Property and material worth INR 10 million was damaged in the attack.

April 30

Sheshrao Darro (52) and Devaji Atla (55), both working for the CPI-Maoist as party organizers, were killed by the Maoists outside Masanadi village in Pendri taluka of Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra. The duo was whisked away from the village on April 29 evening. Police said Darro was 'vice-president' of Maoist 'Jantana Sarkar' at the village level. Atla was an old member of the party. Darro's brother works with C-60 force of the district police. The Maoists targeted Darro and Atla alleging that they were not focusing on the party organization but were helping Police.

May 1

Ramji Potavi, a Maoist and bodyguard of former secretary of state zonal committee of CPI-Maoist, Aitu, has surrendered before the administration and SF personnel in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra. Aitu had surrendered before Telangana Police one year ago. Potavi carried reward of INR 400,000 on him.

May 10

A woman CPI-Maoist cadre was killed in an alleged encounter with Police at a village in Dhanora tehsil of Gadchiroli District. The dead, identified as Rajita Ramko Risi Usendi, is suspected to be a Maoist 'commander', Police said. "Police were conducting an anti-Naxal operation in Mahawada area of Dhanora tehsil following an encounter that had taken place in the village two days back," SP Sandeep Patil said. "After coming to know that some Naxals were hiding in a house located in deep forests of Murekasa village, police rushed there last evening," he said. The Police patrol party was attacked by Naxals and they retaliated. The encounter lasted for the entire night and ended in the wee hours today when the Maoists fled leaving the body of Rajita, a Police release said. An AK-47 rifle was recovered from the spot and probe is underway, it said.

May 22

A villager identified as Venkatesh Atram (31) was hacked to death by the CPI-Maoist cadres in Gadchiroli District. "The Maoists went to the residence of Venkatesh Atram (31) in Rajaram village under Aheri division of Gadchiroli and killed him on the suspicion of being a police informer. He was not a police informer, he was just a common villager," said a press statement from Gadchiroli Police. However, a handwritten note left by the Maoists accused him of being a SPO. "Venkatesh Atram was working as an SPO for over six years as a result of which our PLGA (People's Liberation Guerrilla Army) has given him death penalty," read the statement issued in the name of the Aheri Area Committee of CPI-Maoist.

May 23

The Balaghat Police of Madhya Pradesh have arrested a 'most wanted' CPI-Maoist cadre from Gondiya District of Maharashtra. Accused, Lakhan alias Mohan (50) was carrying a bounty of INR 30,000 on his head and wanted in connection with a 2008 case wherein a group of 10 Maoists had set two bamboo laden trucks on fire.

May 27

Out of animosity the CPI-Maoist cadres abducted and killed one of their supporters in Kurkheda division in Gadchiroli District. The victim Kashiram Madavi (40) was abducted from his native village Kamthala on May 24. He was brutally thrashed with the sticks till he died. Madavi's body was recovered near the village. Gadchiroli Police informed that Madavi was attached to Naxal movement since many years and used to work at village and area level for Naxal dalam. Police claimed that Madavi had developed animosity with some Naxal cadres.

May 29

The western sub-zonal committee of the CPI-Maoist has called for a bandh in Gadchiroli District on May 31 to protest the gunning down of five women cadres, including two of the rank of 'deputy commander', in the year so far. This is probably the first time Naxals have called for a bandh protesting death of their senior women cadres. The Maoists have appealed for local support, while keeping the medical and emergency services out of the purview of the bandh, underlining the contributions of the women cadres fighting for the rights of tribals.

June 1

The Police unearthed and neutralized five claymore mines buried at different places on Hedri-Jambia Road in Etapalli tehsil of Gadchiroli District.

June 2

CPI-Maoist shot dead Sharad Kursami (30) of Mardmelinga village in Bhamragarh tehsil of Gadchiroli District. A Police press note said, "Kursami was kidnapped three days ago and was found gunned down near Hukkametta village on Thursday." It added, "Naxalites [Left-Wing Extremists, LWEs] branded Kursami as a police informer but he was not one. Baffled by a good response to a development rally held recently at Nelgunda, the Naxalites have resorted to violence against civilians."

June 7

Bhumkal Sanghatan organized another awareness drive against the Naxalites ideology in LWE territory of Dhamrancha in Gadchiroli District recently. Over 1,000 tribals participated in the drive. They protested against killing of innocent civilians, including an ex-Sarpanch and Dalit leader Patru Durge, and also recent butchering of a Dalit boy in the village by the LWEs. Villagers from neighbouring villages like Manerajaram, Dubguda, Bamapali, Mandhra, Yeramnar, Tonder, Chitveli, and Naingundam participated in the drive.

At least 76 Naxals were killed and 665 arrested by SF personnel in the LWE-hit areas in the first four months of 2016, Home Ministry officials said. SF have achieved greater success in tackling LWEs in recent times and there was 30 per cent decline in violence perpetrated by the Maoists this year (2016). Altogether, 76 CPI-Maoist cadres were killed between January and April this year in comparison to 15 killed in the corresponding period of 2015. As many as 665 Maoists were arrested and 639 surrendered in the first four months of 2016 whereas 435 LWEs were arrested and 134 surrendered in the corresponding period of 2015, a Home Ministry official said. In 2015, 226 people died in 1,088 incidents of violence perpetrated by the LWEs. Of the 226 deaths, 168 were civilians and 58 security personnel. As many as 89 Maoists were also killed and 1,668 were arrested and 570 cadres surrendered before authorities last year. "The decline in violence can be attributed to many reasons such as greater presence of security forces across the Left Wing Extremism-affected states, loss of cadres and leaders on account of killing, arrests, surrender and desertions, better monitoring of development schemes in affected areas and insurgency fatigue among the Maoist cadres," the official said. While 106 districts in 10 states are affected by Maoist activities in varying degrees, 35 districts in seven states are considered to be worst hit. According to a recent Parliamentary Standing Committee report, Naxal activities continue to be a matter of concern with 35 districts in seven states being badly-hit. "CPI (Maoist) continues to be the most potent among the various LWE outfits in the country and accounts for more than 80 per cent of total LWE violence incidents and resultant deaths," the report said.

June 17

CPI-Maoist 'central committee' has given a call for celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari armed uprising, centenary of the Russian revolution and the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx. In a 10-page statement, the 'general secretary' of the CPI-Maoist, Muppala Lakshman Rao alias Ganapathi, said that all the party units should make "preparations, put maximum efforts and issue calls to the vast masses to actively and energetically participate in these celebrations". He called upon his party cadre to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari uprising from May 23 to 29, 2017, the centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution from November 7 to 13, 2017 and Karl Marx birth bicentenary from May 5 to 11, 2018. If, for any reason, it was not feasible to conduct these events on the above mentioned dates, Ganapathi said, they could be organised in other time of the years of the anniversaries. "It is to be expected that the enemy will try to create all kinds of hurdles everywhere to prevent us from organising these anniversaries, be it in the urban or rural areas. We should be prepared for this and make realistic and practicable plans to conduct these programmes successfully in spite of disruptionist efforts", the statement said. The Maoist party also said that efforts should be made to organise at least one international programme in any of the Indian cities on a date agreeable to all participants. As part of these celebrations, the party has also sought publication of books, booklets and collection of articles for enhancing the understanding of Marxism.

June 19

Three senior members of the CPI-Maoist were killed by the Police in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra. "A joint police team of Telangana and Maharashtra police was carrying out an anti-Maoist operation in Kotepalli forest area under Aheri division of Gadchiroli on Sunday morning. The Maoists attacked this joint police team at around 6 am. The police team retaliated the fire and the encounter went on for about an hour. Three senior Maoists were killed in this encounter and the rest of them managed to escape taking advantage of thick forest," said a press statement issued by the SP, Gadchiroli District. The Police also recovered one AK 47, one SLR and one .303 rifle from the spot of the encounter. "The weapons, recovered from the dead Maoists, indicate that they were senior leaders possibly above the rank of Maoist commander, but their identities are yet to be ascertained," added the Police press statement. According to some Police sources from Chhattisgarh, one of the deceased Maoists in Sunday's encounter was Athram Shobham alias Charles from Adilabad District of Telangana. Athram Shobham reportedly worked for Telangana Special Zonal Committee of the CPI-Maoist and carried a reward of INR 400,000 on his head. "Other two look like his bodyguards," informed an officer involved in anti-Maoist operations in restive Bastar region of Chhattisgarh.

June 20

The head of Maharashtra's ANO unit Shivaji Bodkhe while addressing the trainee Policemen at the ANO unit at Surabardi in Nagpur said that the CPI-Maoist's network was spreading rapidly in urban areas of the State and the Maoist movement was no more limited to Gadchiroli and Gondia Districts. "There is a perception that Maoism is limited to only Gadchiroli and Gondia Districts of Maharashtra. Many in the police department also carry this perception. But this movement is not limited to tough and dense terrains of forest areas. It is spreading rapidly in urban areas through its frontal organizations. The Police need to be alert and focus on these urban frontal originations," said Bodkhe, who is a IG of Police of the ANO. He also claimed that the Maoists were carrying out "secret propaganda" in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nadurbar, Dhule, Jalgaon and Nashik areas of the State. "We only know about the Maoist violence against the police in forest areas and their opposition to the developmental works. But their frontal originations have an altogether different modus operandi. Groups like Kabir Kala Manch are trying to attract workers and students and are trying to put them against the established system by teaching them about Marx, Lenin and Mao," claimed IG Bodhkhe.

June 29

The C-60 Commandos of Maharashtra Police have recovered an unidentified body a CPI-Maoist cadre following an encounter in the forest of Bormeta-Mardhoor near Hedri in Etapalli tehsil of Gadchiroli District. The SFs have also recovered a 12 bore firearm near the body.

July 24

The CCS, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved 12 IRB for LWE-affected States. While four of these IRB will be raised in Chhattisgarh, three each will be raised in Jharkhand and Odisha, and two in Maharashtra. The CCS has also decided that 75 per cent of the Constabulary level posts will be drawn from the 27 Districts that are worst affected by the LWE. To recruit local youths, the government will relax age and educational criteria. The CCS has also allowed the CRPF to raise a 'Bastariya' battalion by recruiting youths from undivided Bastar District. Moreover, two already sanctioned India Reserve battalions will be converted into auxiliary battalions through recruitment of youths from 15 severely Maoist-hit districts of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra and Odisha.

July 26

Five CPI-Maoist cadres, carrying a reward of INR 1.4 million together on their heads, surrendered before the Gadchiroli Police, a press note issued by the District Police said. The Maoists were identified as Kalidas Hupundi, a member of Platoon 3 of the CPI- Maoist, Jagesh Hidko, member of Platoon 15, Ankita Pada, a supply member, Jivan Madavi, a member of supply team and CNM that sings revolutionary songs, and Sukhram Vadde, a militia member.

July 28

A hardcore woman CPI-Maoist cadre was killed in an encounter with Police personnel in Gadchiroli District. "An intelligence-based operation was launched in Bhimapur forest area under Gatta Police Station of Gadchiroli in view of the Maoists' 'Martyrs week'. An encounter took place between the Police team and the Maoists at 11.30 am. The Police team managed to recover the dead body of one woman Maoist and a large cache of Maoists' material from the spot of the encounter," said Gadchiroli SP in a press statement. The Police team managed to recover one 12 bore rifle, 25 bullets and other camp material of the Maoists. However, the Police were unable to identify the deceased Maoist.

August 1

A civilian, identified as Rakesh Gawade (23) - a college student - was killed by CPI-Maoist cadres at Tumarkasa village of Gadchiroli District. Gadchiroli Police said that Rakesh was helping villagers avail themselves of benefits of the government schemes. The CPI-Maoist Perimily dalam killed him on suspicion of being a 'Police informer', said Police in a statement.

August 2

Gadchiroli CPI-Maoist rendered weak due to depleting strength after loss of senior cadres in encounters and spate of surrenders have reportedly got reinforcement from their upper echelons in the form of around 150 additional manpower. Sources from a remote part of Gadchiroli District claimed that Maoists, mostly from Chhattisgarh, were sent from the Maoist stronghold of Abujamarh after intensive training for taking on the SFs. "The dalams have now been amalgamated with rest of the other formations like Local Guerrilla Squads (LGS) and Local Organizational Squads (LOS). Two or three dalams are often working together and also getting conjoined with platoons as the Naxalites are facing manpower shortages," said a security intelligence source. "Now, the additional manpower that has come from Abujamarh is being evenly distributed among different dalams, platoons and company in Gadchiroli to strengthen them," said the source. SP, Gadchiroli, Abhinav Deshmukh said that migration of Naxals from Chhattisgarh in the period of Naxal saptah or martyrs' week is not surprising. "Though we may not know the exact numbers of Naxalites having sneaked into the district, it may have taken place which we would check. The Naxalites generally plan strikes before or after Naxal saptah," he said.

September 17

Gadchiroli Police arrested Ranu Usendi, Kasansur action team 'commander' and local organization squad member of the CPI-Maoist, from his village Javeli in Raigarh District, where he had come to attend a family programme. He had joined the rebel movement in 2005. Usendi has been remanded to Police custody for five days.

Three Maoists surrendered before the District administration in Gadchiroli District. They have been identified as Kanhu Usendi, Ankush Narote and Ramji Kawdo. The three had been involved in the movement for last several years. They were also behind many offences and sabotaging activities.

September 27

Explosives and live detonators were seized from a Naxal hideout in a forest range near Kosambi village under Chichgarh Police Station in Deori tehsil in Gondia District. Acting on a tip off, personnel from Anti-Naxal Cell, C-60 Commando Force and local Police jointly raided the hideout in a forest range near Kosambi village and seized six kilograms of explosives kept in two aluminium containers, concrete mixture, three live detonators, electric wires and iron rods, among other items, they said. According to the Police, a local resident spotted around 15 armed Naxals, five to six of them women, near Kosambi on September 26. He immediately alerted the local Police who along with personnel from Anti-Naxal Cell, C-60 and Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad launched a search operation under supervision of District, SP, Dilip Bhujbal and busted the hideout. According to police, the explosives were kept by the Naxalites and were supposed to be used against the Police by the CPI-Maoist outfit. Police have registered offence under Indian Arms Act and other relevant sections of IPC against the members of Triple K Dalam which is active in Gadchiroli - Gondia Districts.

October 6

A Police constable with Gadchiroli Police sustained splinter injury in a blast when a pressure release bomb went off near Kunjimerka-Gundjur forest in Etapalli taluka in Gadchiroli District. The incident took place when the constable tried to dismantle a Naxalite banner strung across poles to highlight their party's appeals for supporting the countrywide bandh called on October 11 and 12. Two claymore mines were also later recovered from the spot. The incident took place shortly after a gun battle between a combined squad of Police from Jambiya Gatta sub-Police post and CRPF against CPI-Maoist cadres near Kidatola village. The armed Maoists retreated as the SFs were trying to encircle them. Sources claimed that senior officers of Jambiya Gatta sub-Police Force were tipped off regarding the presence of Maoists in the forests adjoining Kidatola village. A combined force had launched a search when the encounter and blast took place one after another.

In an encounter at Nargunda in Bhamragadh tehsil in Gadchiroli District, Police and Maoists had exchanged fire before the rebels retreated.

October 10

In a show of solidarity to Kashmiri protesters demanding the right to self-determination, the CPI-Maoist in Chandrapur District called for a bandh on October 10 and 11. The Maoists have put up posters in Bhamragarh, Hemalkasa, Arewada and Hindewada area in the District, asking people to observe the two-day bandh to express their support to separatist forces in Kashmir. The Valley has been on the boil since July when HM militant Burhan Wani was killed by the SFs. This is the first time the organization has openly supported the demand of Kashmiri separatists for a resolution and their right to self-determination. Till now, they had been a prominent voice for the rights of dalits and adivasi communities in India. The organization has also voiced its support to the separatist forces in the northeastern part of the country. Intelligence agencies have been alerted about this development. Law enforcement agencies in states like Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (where the organization is reportedly quite active) are looking out for the same after the banners and pamphlets clearly mentioning their support to Kashmir protesters surfaced.

October 29

The CPI-Maoist has called for bandh in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra on November 3 to protest against the Malkangiri encounter in which 30 Maoists were killed. In a statement issued by Maoist's Central Committee, Pratap, a self-styled spokesperson, has given the bandh call in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. The Maoist organisation also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Central Government, along with Odisha and Andhra Pradesh Government's, were favouring Bauxite mining in the tribal area against the will of the locals. Yesterday, in an audio tape, CPI-Maoist East Division Committee 'secretary' Kailash held the Chief Ministers of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh responsible for the encounter.

October 31

Gadchiroli Police announced the surrender of five most-wanted CPI-Maoist cadres in Gadchiroli District, who carried a total reward of INR1.2 million on their head. They have been identified as Karan alias Dursa Peka Narote (23), with a reward of INR 400,000; Pravin alias Vilas Devaji Kolha (23); Darju Kulle Usendi (23); Raiji Nalgu Kaatvo (30); and the sole woman Maoist Sharda alias Reena Vatte Pungati (20) - each carrying a reward of INR 200,000, said SP, Abhinav Deshmukh. Narote was an active Maoist since June 2008 and served with Gatta Dalam and since December 2010 was with Platoon No 14. Kolha joined the Kasansoor Dalam in 2012 and was involved in encounters of Kundum and Dobeguda besides other serious subversive activities. Usendi was a part-timer Maoist with Kasansoor Dalam since 2015 and did not take part in any major criminal acts. Kaatvo served as a part-time member with the Kaknoor Dalam since 2002 and was involved in the Vachhaghat encounters, vandalising the revenue department's offices in Agmeta, one murder and several other acts of subversion. The sole woman Maoist who surrendered, Sharda had joined the Gatta Dalam in November 2012. She took part in a bloody encounter with SFs in Kucher.

November 21

Five CPI-Maoist cadres, collectively carrying a reward of INR 1.4 million on their heads surrendered before Police in Gadchiroli District. The surrendered Maoists are identified as Dinesh Shantaram Maku Madavi (25), Mangesh Raju Yera Madavi (24), Savita Tumreti (21), all carrying a reward of INR 200,000 on their heads, as well as Vasant Vadde (23) and Ravi Gota (25), both carrying a reward of INR 400,000. Gadchiroli, SP, Avinash Deshmukh, said more naxals may surrender in near future. A total of 44 naxalites have surrendered this year.

November 29

The Anti-Naxal operations wing of the Maharashtra Police has drawn up a list of people in the Naxal-affected areas of Gadchiroli District. The list comprised mainly labourers, transporters, contractors carrying out development work and Naxal sympathisers for any possible attempt to assist CPI-Maoist in converting their now-demonetized currency notes. Police said they had inputs villagers were approached by Maoists to exchange and deposit these currency notes. But a Police probe revealed villagers refused to help the Maoists in depositing the cash in their accounts. "We had inputs that villagers in the Naxal-infested areas were coaxed by Maoists to deposit their now-untenderable currencies in their accounts. But a police scan of their accounts found the sums deposited belonged to the villagers," said a senior Police officer in the DGP office.

December 23

The CPI-Maoist cadres set ablaze 69 trucks and three JCBs at Surjagad Lloyd Metal's iron mine, barely five-kilometres from Hedri Police post in Gadchiroli District. Sources said that hundreds of Maoists descended upon the area around noon and they drove out around 300 labourers loading iron ore before setting the vehicles afire. IGP of Gadchiroli range, Shivaji Bodkhe insisted that the attack was not a reflection on Policing. "Though we have the Hedri police post 5 km away, on the other side is Abujmaad, where about 40 sq km area has no police presence and hence Maoists find it not so difficult." He added that the number of attackers would hardly have been 10 to 15. "They drove the labourers away and then had no hurdle and must have gone on setting the vehicles afire one after the other.'' Sources said that Maoists generally recce an area before targeting it, making sure that there is no Police movement. They then split into five-member groups for completing a task in the shortest possible time. "In Surjagad, they must have finished the task within 30 minutes, which means there must have been Maoists and militia members by hundreds on the spot," said a source.

December 29

Three villagers were killed allegedly by Naxalites in Aheri and Korchi tehsils in Gadchiroli District on the suspicion of they being 'informers'. The victims were identified as Laccha Bande Madavi (36) resident of Rumalkasa, Patali Doge Atram (36), resident of Gurja, and Talwarsha Kunjram, resident of Korchi.

Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.






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