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Government's 21 Points presented to MQM

  1. The Altaf Group shall publicly renounce violence. No calls will be given for strikes, arson, damage to public and private property. The leader of the Altaf Group will ask his workers to surrender weapons at police stations.

  2. Altaf Group will ask its workers involved in violent acts to surrender themselves before the police authorities. In exchange the government will consider appropriate concessions.

  3. That the Altaf Group will give up its policy of ethnic cleansing. It will stop targeted killings of Punjabis, Pathans, Sindhis, Balochis and will desist from killing Mohajirs opposed to it.

  4. Altaf group will accept pluralistic democratic system and work within it. For this it will tolerate and accommodate dissent from Haqiqis, Jammat-e-Islami, Jamiat-e-Ulema Pakistan, PPP and PPI.

  5. That the Altaf Group will stop targeted killings of LEA, GOP plus GOS employees.

  6. That the Altaf Group will surrender the gang leaders and its members (names will be provided in due course).

  7. That Altaf Group will wind up its training camps in India and recall Javed Langra and others who have been stationed there.

  8. That Altaf Group will agree that all those facing charges in heinous crimes and allegations of sniper firing will have to face proceedings in trial courts.

  9. That Altaf Group will not extend political support to any person or group wanted for murder e.g. as they did in case of Aslam Sabzwari, a wanted criminal with head money of Rs. 15 lacs.

  10. That Altaf Group will disassociate from its demand for division of Sindh which is tantamount to division of Pakistan or any other scheme that seeks to alter the territories of Pakistan as defined in Article 1 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

  11. That the Altaf Group shall publicly denounce as a principle of policy the atrocities and gross violations of Human Rights committed by the Indian occupation forces in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The following amongst other measures, steps and actions shall be taken in furtherance of the above objectives:

  1. The Altaf Group shall forthwith desist from drawing any parallel between Karachi which is part of Pakistan and occupied Jammu and Kashmir which is an internationally recognised dispute.

  2. The Altaf Group shall immediately stop all its efforts at international forums and internally to shift the attention of the international community from the atrocities committed by the Indian troops in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. The Altaf Group shall publicly stop its policy of press censorship under threat of coercion and desist from, either directly or indirectly, interfering, coercing or intimidating the press e.g. can be given if so desired.

  2. That the Altaf Group shall abandon its policy of ethnic cleansing under which it has sought to turn homogenous Karachi into a monoethnic city.

  3. That the Altaf Group shall withdraw its slogan "who is disloyal to Quaid deserves death".

  4. The MQM (Altaf Group) shall not exploit, discredit or dishonour women by using them or incidents relating to them for the purpose of inflaming passions e.g. as in case of Farzana where medical experts opined rape had not taken place.

  5. The Altaf Group shall publicly withdraw its cell "sell TV, VCR and purchase Kalashnikov".

  6. The Altaf Group shall pay a mutually agreed compensatory amount according to Islamic principle of Qisas & Diyet in a fund to be created for the welfare of the families of all those persons belonging to the law enforcing agencies, victims of sniper firing and members of opposing political parties who have been made victims of targeted killings by the terrorists belonging to Altaf Group’s militant faction.

  7. The Altaf Group shall immediately stop its malicious campaign to internationally defame and malign the State of Pakistan, its national institutions and its elected government e.g. distortion of Prime Minister’s speech at Kasur (give them a copy of speech).

  8. Altaf Group will not call Mohajirs opposing them "Ghaddars".

  9. Altaf Group will welcome the Karachi Package.

  10. Workers of Altaf Group will close its torture chambers, stop receiving Bhatta from shopkeepers and give up extortion of businessmen.





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