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Terrorism-related Incidents in Islamabad - 2012





January 30

Paramilitary troops and City Police combed the Margalla Hills in Islamabad after two suspects in custody spoke of militants hiding there to strike the city. Security sources said the suspects' words were taken seriously as they were arrested in the widespread hunt for the militants who fired rocket on the Pakistan Military Academy in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on January 27, 2012.


January 31

A militant outfit has plans to carry out a rocket attack on the Pakistan capital, similar to the one at Abbottabad on January 27, 2012, said Islamabad Police Chief Bin Yamin Khan. Yamin Khan said that comprehensive security measures had been put in place to counter such an assault.

February 6

A man, dressed as a security guard was detained by the Police and Law Enforcement Agencies from central procession of Eid Milad-un-Nabi at Wah Cantt in Islamabad.

February 12

The Federal Capital, Islamabad, once again is under threats by militant outfits, well-placed sources said. The Intelligence Agencies believe that the attacks could be conducted from Margalla Hills in Islamabad and asked for adopting stringent measures to counter such threats, sources maintained. They said that as many as 25 surveillance posts of Rangers have already been set up at different points on the hills, while 25 more check posts were being established.

February 16

SFs arrested a TTP Swat chapter militant, identified as Hashmat Ullah, during an operation in the limits of Sabzi Mandi Police Station in Islamabad. The sources said a team of security personnel in response to an intelligence tip off regarding a suspect who was hiding in the area of Shams Colony, located in the limits of Sabzi Mandi Police Station conducted the operation which led to his arrest from a house. He was the active member of TTP Swat chapter. Hashmat Ullah was allegedly involved in several attacks at the SFs in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and also fought against the SFs during operation in Swat.

February 17

Islamabad Police conducted a search operation in the vicinity of Margalla Hills and maintained high alert in the city to ensure foolproof security. Search operations were conducted at slum areas, inns, hotels, restaurants and Afghan habitats. Around 200 Policemen were assigned the task of 'combing' the nearby areas of Margalla Hills. According to a Police spokesman, heads of all the Police Stations were also directed to maintain high vigilance in their respective areas, and screened houses, workshops, markets, under-construction buildings and residential areas.

March 4

A local leader of the TTP, Abdul Zareen alias Shah Gee, was arrested from Bara Koh, a suburb area of Islamabad, involved in attacks on Army troops and Frontier Constabulary forces in Bajaur Agency of FATA.

March 8

The Sabzi Mandi Police arrested 60 suspects during a search operation in various localities of Islamabad.

March 13

Islamabad Police arrested a suspect, identified as Sohail, from Saadat Colony within Golra Police Station area and recovered three hand grenades and 370 rounds of a submachine gun from him.

March 15

As many as 21 cadres of HuT were arrested by LEAs from a house in Islamabad. The raid was conducted by a joint team of the city Police and Security Forces on information that the outfit was holding a meeting against 'national interest'.

March 18

A local official of Saudi Embassy's sub-office, identified as Doctor Hafiz Abdul Rasheed Azhar, was killed at his residence in Islamabad.

March 28

Islamabad Police released ASWJ leader Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi after negotiations between the leaders and the local Police administration. Ejaz-ul-Haq, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Khalil, Haji Ghulam Mustafa, Abdullah Gill and former MNA Mian Aslam negotiated on behalf of ASWJ leader, while on the other hand Interior Minister Rehman Malik along with Police Officials of Islamabad participated in the talks.

May 4

At least 11 persons aggrieved by the 2007 military operation in Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) registered murder and kidnapping charges against the then entire state hierarchy with the City Police. A Senior Police Officer confirmed that the Aabpara Police Station of Islamabad entered their separate complaints in its Roznamcha.

June 7

The Aabpara Police (Islamabad) during the last two days registered five separate cases over the disappearance of people, including the mother of former Lal Masjid [Red Mosque] cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz and a businessman, during the operation, Police said.

June 29

The Islamabad Police conducted a search operation in the vicinity of Margalla Hills to ensure foolproof security in Islamabad. Teams of Margalla Police Station, headed by SHO Muhammad Hussain Lassi, conducted the search operation in villages Kalinger, Chontra and Gandhian and arrested 12 suspects.

July 17

A volunteer of the polio campaign and a student of the International Islamic University, identified as Mohsin Ali, was attacked by one Nadir Khan, a resident of Islamabad in Johda village within the limits of Golra Police Station.

Capital Police arrested an alleged terrorist from Industrial Zone area in Islamabad.

August 30

The Sabzi Mandi Police of the Federal Capital arrested 42 suspects during search operation in its various localities, including various houses, under-construction buildings, inns and slum areas.

September 2

Sabzi Mandi and Sihala Police arrested 70 suspects during search operations in various localities that fell in their jurisdictions, including sector H11/3, Sihala, Khutta Road, Humak and other slum areas, a Police spokesman said.

September 5

Two suspects operating a network for the TTP in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad for generating funds via extortion and kidnapping were arrested by a joint investigation team of Security Forces and Capital Police. On the light of the information given by the suspects, efforts are in progress to arrest the leader of the network operating from UK.

Following 'serious' security threats from the homegrown TTP, the Army and Punjab Police have deployed heavy forces at one of Pakistan's largest nuclear facilities in Dera Ghazi Khan District. "DG Khan houses one of the largest nuclear facilities in the country, and has faced the first-ever serious security threat from the TTP," said a high ranking military officer.

September 10

The Christian girl accused of committing blasphemy, according to officials, was shifted to an undisclosed place from the Police Lines Headquarters in Islamabad where she had been staying since her release from the Adiala Jail on September 7, 2012.

September 17

The Security alert level at Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad was raised to 'red alert' due to intelligence reports received by the Federal Government that TTP would attempt to abduct major political figures, VIPs, or prominent religious leaders of Shia or Sunni sects at the airport.


October 6

One Mohammad Saeed, the owner of Shah Flour Mills located on Wah-Bhattar Road at Wah Cantonment in Islamabad, which was allegedly attacked with a hand grenade by militants, had received a telephone call from unidentified militants demanding a large sum of money a few days back. In the attack injuring an employee of the Mill Mohammad Ramzan (21) was injured.

October 8

The Capital Police started collecting information about all employees working in key Government installations in the high-security Red Zone, including the Parliament Lodges; sources in the Police Department told the media. The sources said an intelligence report shared with the Interior Ministry had warned that militants were planning to target the Government installations and hotels located in the zone.

October 12

A division bench of the IHC resumed hearing two petitions filed by authorities to seek permission to obtain voice samples of seven suspects charged with involvement in 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and to declare LeT militant Ajmal Kasab a proclaimed offender or fugitive.

October 22

Two militants, associated with TTP, were arrested from a local hotel in an operation by SFs in Islamabad.

October 23

The Sihala Police conducted a search operation in its jurisdiction, including slum areas of Khanna, Sihala Town and Sihala Bazar, and arrested 35 suspects.

November 2

Marvi Sirmad, a journalist and a human rights activist, escaped attempt on her life in Islamabad. In her complaint to Secretariat Police she said that an unidentified assailant fired shots at her car while she was going home.

November 16

A Police ASI, identified as Mohammad Riaz, was killed and four other persons, including constable Rizwan Mustafa, were injured during an exchange of fire with two armed militants during patrolling at G-9 Markaz in Islamabad (Punjab). According to details, the ASI and the Constable while patrolling spotted a black Toyota Corolla with two persons sitting inside. As the ASI tried to arrest the suspects in the car, one of them shot him. In retaliation, the constable also opened fire. During the exchange of fire, the constable along with three passersby sustained bullet injuries.

One of the suspects caught was later handed over to the Police and identified as Iftikhar Hussain, a native of Parachinar in Kurram Agency of FATA. Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that the suspects were terrorists and assisted the militants in carrying out terror attacks. Besides, they also provided financial assistance to militants, he added.

November 17

Security has been put on high alert and additional Police personnel have been deployed at all main entry and exit points of the Federal Capital. Islamabad Police IG General Bani Amin Khan said that Police's first and foremost priority was to provide foolproof security to imambargahs and mosques during Muharram.

Personnel at Police checkpoints have been directed to search each and every vehicle, including those of Government officials, law enforcers, armed forces, Ministers and MNA.

November 18

At least 15 suspected militants, including foreigners, and impounded 25 motorbikes during special checking in its jurisdictionin Sabzi Mandi Police Station in Islamabad. IG Bani Amin said the operation was part of the security arrangements made for ensuring peaceful environment during Muharram.

November 26

Senior journalist and anchor Hamid Mir escaped an assassination bid when Police defused a bomb planted under his car in Islamabad. TTP claimed responsibility for planting a bomb under his car.

December 9

Hundreds of people, including local residents, ulema and students of religious seminaries, staged a protest demonstration at the 9th Avenue Chowk Islamabad, demanding registration of an FIR against Dr Iftikhar Khan, a writer, under Blasphemy law. Dr Khan has been accused by his nephew, Shaikh Usman, a resident of Rawalpindi, of writing objectionable comments in his book on Islam. Earlier, accompanied by local residents and clerics, Usman made repeated visits of sector 1-9 Police Station asking the police to lodge an FIR against Dr Khan. But the Police said they would not register a case without investigating the allegation. However, they said the writing of Dr Khan could be interpreted as blasphemous.






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