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Terrorism-related Incidents in Colombo 2009






January 3

A minor explosion occurred inside a van number HD-8194 near the Red Mosque in the Petta area of Colombo at around 4.55pm (SLST), wounding three civilians and damaging two vehicles and a shop nearby. According to the report, suspected LTTE militants had placed a small improvised explosive device inside the van.


January 3

Matale Police recovered three claymore mines, two T-56 weapons and two-hundred rounds of ammunition hidden in the Ratwatta Watta estate.


January 2

A LTTE suicide bomber blew himself up killing three persons, including two Airmen, and injuring 37 others at the entrance to the Air Force camp in Slave Island in Colombo at around 5.15pm (SLST). An accomplice of the suicide bomber has been arrested.


January 7

A minor blast occurred along the railway track at Mount Lavinia, a Colombo suburb. Police spokesman Ranjith Gunasekara said the blast damaged the rail track slightly but no injuries were reported.


January 8

Editor of the Sunday Leader, Lasantha Wickramatunga, was shot dead by unidentified assailants on a motorcycle at Attidiya near Mt. Lavinia in Colombo. Wickramatunga was driving to office when the assailants targeted him near the Bakery junction in Attidiya.

6 January 16

A minor explosion occurred in a bare land at Alwis Town in Wattala, a Colombo suburb, Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said. No loss of life or damage to property was reported. The Police later recovered another unexploded bomb and a suicide kit from the incident site.


January 22

Upali Tennekoon, Editor of Rivira, and his wife were assaulted and stabbed by unidentified assailants near Imbulgoda in Colombo, 200 metres away from his residence, when he was driving to work. Rivira has a political orientation sympathetic to the Government and is supportive of the Security Forces action in Wanni.


January 22

A prominent LTTE supporter, Prakash Shakthi Velupillai, who was posing as a journalist, was arrested at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo while attempting to fly to Singapore. Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said initial investigation revealed that Prakash is a hardcore LTTE supporter. He claimed the journalist was attached to the International Federation of Journalists which had its office in Colombo 7, and was headed by a prominent journalist.


January 23

Police arrested a LTTE militant who was deported from Malaysia for overstaying at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Colombo. Senior Superintendent of Police Ranjith Gunasekera said the Katunayake Police arrested four suspects on information from a civilian in the BIA at around 12.15 pm (SLST). The four suspects, including two Sinhalese, a Tamil and a Muslim, were deported from Malaysia.


January 29

SFs recovered a suicide jacket in Dehiwala, a suburb of Colombo. According to Police, the suicide jacket, weighing four and half kilograms, was found in an abandoned land at Wasala road in Dehiwala on information from a civilian.

11 February 20

Two LTTE light aircrafts were shot down by the Security Forces in Colombo and Katunayake following an attempt by the outfit to bomb Colombo city. However, one of the aircrafts managed to drop a bomb on the Inland Revenue Department injuring at least 50 persons and destroying the building. Two of the wounded persons reportedly succumbed to their injuries later.


March 4

The Sri Lanka Police arrested three suspected LTTE militants, including two females, from a house belonging to a foreigner who lives in Homagama, a suburb of Colombo. The foreign national who gave the lodging facilities for the three LTTE suspects is married to a woman from the Eastern Province, sources said.

13 March 23

The Colombo Crimes Division recovered 280 kilograms of C4 high explosives and a large amount of weapons hidden by the LTTE in the Mattakkuliya area to launch a major attack by targeting Colombo city. According to Police, these high explosives and weapons were hidden in a house in Church Road. The recoveries included 280 kilograms of C4 high explosives, ten 4-millimeter hand grenades, 28 bullets, 30 hand grenades, five detonators, two remote controllers, 693 T-56 bullets and parts of some T-56 weapons. Police recovered these high explosives along with two suspects following information given by a LTTE intelligence unit leader who was arrested by the Colombo Terrorist Investigation Department several days ago. The LTTE intelligence unit leader has also reportedly disclosed information on a major attack planned by the LTTE targeting Colombo.

14 March 24

The Colombo Chief Magistrate Court ordered to prevent eight directors of the LTTE front TRO from leaving the country. While hearing the case charging TRO of raising funds for the LTTE, the Chief Magistrate, Nishantha Hapuarachchi, also issued arrest warrants against seven of the directors, who were absent in the Court. These directors are presently believed to be in the un-cleared areas (area not under Government control). According to sources, two of them are said to be a 'lieutenant' and a 'colonel' of the LTTE. Meanwhile, the Chief Magistrate released Sinnaiah Ramalingam, the only director who appeared in the Court, on a SLR 500,000 surety bail.


May 13

The SFs recovered 18 powerful claymore mines, 85 kilograms of high-powered explosives, two radio sets and two pull switch from a garage premises on Lucas Mawatha in Colombo. 


May 14

A 32-year-old LTTE suspect committed suicide by jumping out of a seven storied building at 37th Lane in the Wellawatte area of Colombo during a raid conducted by the SFs. The suspect, Sathish Kumar, a resident of Jaffna, had been living in Sunflower Court Wellawatte. Police recovered four suicide jackets and a claymore bomb from the flat. According to Wellawatte Police three other suspects who were arrested have been identified as suicide bombers.

17 May 20

Police found several explosives, including claymore mines, from Athurugiriya area, a suburb of Colombo. Senior Superintended of Police Ranjith Gunasekara said these explosives were recovered on the basis of information obtained from a recently arrested LTTE militant. Police recovered two claymore mines each weighing 2.5 kilograms and packed with C4 high explosives and two other explosive devices.


June 15

The Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) arrested a director of a leading pharmaceutical company at Wellawatte near capital Colombo for having links with the LTTE, and recovered a stock of medical items valued at around SNR 2.5 million which were prepared to be sent to the LTTE. Police spokesman Ranjith Gunasekera said the stock of medical items meant for the LTTE were recovered by the TID hidden inside a house in Perera Avenue in Wellawatte.  He noted that the suspect had maintained close links with the LTTE including the outfit’s medical wing chief Selvanayagam Kugarajan alias Manoj.


June 20

Police arrested three suspected LTTE militants who had allegedly plotted to assassinate President Mahinda Rajapakse. According to Police spokesman Ranjith Gunasekara, two suspects were arrested near the Ayurveda Hospital in Rajagiriya area and on information provided by them the third suspect was arrested at Valachchenai area in the Eastern Province. The three suspected LTTE cadres are aged between 15-16 years, the Police said.

20 July 20

The Sri Lanka Police arrested the chief of the LTTE "Eelam Bank", Colin Ruban, in capital Colombo. Colombo Page reported that Colin was arrested from a lodge on information revealed by intelligence units. According to sources, he was a resident of Puthukuddiyiruppu and had reached the welfare centers in Vavuniya during the last stages of the war. However, he later arrived in Colombo by paying SLR 250000 to a person who helped him to reach the capital.

21 July 27

Daily Mirror reports that a suspected cadre of the LTTE who had escaped from an IDP camp in Vavuniya District and his father who had brought him to capital Colombo were arrested by the Colombo Central Division Police while they were hiding in a lodge in the city. The father of the suspect is a Sinhalese and is married to a Tamil. The father had been brought up by a Tamil businessman in Nochchiyagama, to whom he had been given over by his parents when he was a small child, a Police source said. The Tamil businessman had given him a Tamil name and he had later worked as a driver at the Health Ministry before retiring. One of his sons had joined the LTTE but had fled from Mullaitivu and had taken up residence in Nochchiyagama for some time. During the last stages of the war in Puthumattalan the son had crossed over to the Government controlled areas disguising himself as an ordinary citizen. He had been later referred to an IDP camp in Vavuniya from where he had escaped and had joined his father in Nochchiyagama. His father had then accompanied him to Colombo with the intention of sending him abroad.


August 5

The Colombo Chief Magistrate Nishantha Hapuaarachchi allowed the Police to further detain and question the leader of the women’s political wing of the LTTE, Subramanium Sivagami alias Tamilini, BBC reports. The magistrate allowed the Police to detain Tamilini until August 28. Tamilini, who fled the 'No Fire Zone' (NFZ) in the north and surrendered to the authorities in May 2009, has since been detained by the Police.


August 6

A hand grenade was recovered from the Sapugaskanda area in Makola.


August 6

Police on a tip off conducted a search on Erathusa Road in the Wellawatte area of Colombo District and found two suicide jackets, one micro pistol, two hand grenades and two electric detonators.

25 August 11

The Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) seized 20 powerful side chargers from the Uppukulam area of Mannar District and averted a possible suicide mission in Colombo. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ranjith Gunasegaram said CCD personnel seized a Hiace van carrying 20 side chargers, each weighing five kilograms, in the Uppukulam area on information divulged by three LTTE suspects who were arrested earlier. Two LTTE suspects were arrested from Badovita in Mt. Lavinia on August 10 and the other was arrested from Uppukulam in Mannar on August 11, he added. "These side chargers were meant to be dispatched to Colombo on a suicide mission. Timely action of the CCD team averted the possible mission," SSP Gunasegaram told Daily News.

26 August 15

Police recovered a bomb inside a culvert in the Mahiyangana city of capital Colombo in the evening of August 15. The Police confirmed that a bomb weighing 20 kilograms was found on information given by an arrested suspected LTTE militant.


August 21

Police in the capital Colombo seized the vehicle of the Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian S. Jeyanandamoorthy over his alleged links with the LTTE. The vehicle was seized from the residence of the Madiwela Member of Parliament. The Police said they have received complaints that the vehicle had been used to transport suspected LTTE cadres in the past. Jeyanandamoorthy is currently out of the country.


August 24

August 24 The NIB uncovered a plan to assassinate Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse with the recovery of a suicide kit, arms and ammunition from a house in Mutwal, a suburb in the capital Colombo. According to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Nimal Mediwaka, the NIB officials found a cache of arms and ammunition, including a suicide kit weighing over five kilograms, a machine gun and 13 Cyanide capsules, concealed in a cupboard in a housing unit at Mutwal under the directive of a LTTE leader in Colombo. The unnamed LTTE leader had reportedly planned to launch a well coordinated attack on the Defence Secretary. "It is believed that they had planned to hurl hand grenades at Rajapakse’s motorcade as a part of the massive assassination bid. The terrorists had planned to launch this attack using a explosive laden motor bike. Officials are combing the island to trace the explosive laden bike and the suicide cadre who were directed to crash into the motorcade of the Defence Secretary," Mediwaka said. The Defence Secretary had earlier in 2006 survived a LTTE suicide attempt in Colombo escaping with minor injuries although eight of his security guards were killed.

29 August 28

Police conducted a search operation in the Angulana area of capital Colombo and recovered two claymore mines buried near the bus stand in front of the Angulana church at around 1.00pm (SLST). While one of the mines weighed approximately 24.3 kilograms the other weighed about 11.5 kilograms.

30 August 28

Police recovered one hand grenade from the Thelawala road in Ratmalana.

31 September 1

Police arrested a female LTTE militant in the Wellawatte area of capital Colombo. According to the Wellawatte Police, the suspected female LTTE cadre, who had worked with the former LTTE political wing head S.P. Thamilchelvan, was arrested while she was temporarily lodging in the area waiting to leave the country. She has disclosed to the Police that her husband has been killed while fighting for the LTTE.

32 September 4

Police arrested a LTTE militant, who has given armed training to LTTE cadres earlier, from the Katunayake airport in capital Colombo while he was attempting to leave the country. Intelligence sources said Sundaralingam Jesudasan was apprehended when he tried to escape through illegal means. He is a resident of Batticaloa and had been attached to an LTTE camp in Vakarai and later he had gone abroad. He had returned to the country recently according to initial inquiries.


September 8

Police arrested a LTTE militant from a hotel in the Mount Lavinia area. He had led a 40-cadre group at Vellamullivaikkal area in the final battle against the Army. After surrendering to the Sri Lanka Army, he managed to escape from a welfare camp in Vavuniya later by giving bribes, Police said.


September 12

Police raided an establishment in the Sea Street area, said to be involved in sending escapees from the Vavuniya Welfare Centres abroad, and arrested six persons along with a number of forged passports, visas and other documents.


October 3

Sri Lanka Police arrested three Sinhala nationals, who have allegedly supported former LTTE cadres to leave the country through sea routes illegally. Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Nimal Mediwaka said that the three suspects were arrested from a hotel at Vaikkala area in Negombo. These three suspects have reportedly supported former LTTE militants who fled the welfare camps in Vavuniya to leave for Australia by boats.

36 October 8

Police, acting on civilian information, arrested a top LTTE militant from a hotel in the Mount Lavinia area. The militant had reportedly led a 40-cadre group at Wellamulliwaikkal area in the final battle against the SLA. He later surrendered to the SLA after he was injured during the final battle. However, he managed to escape from a welfare camp in Vavuniya by giving bribes, Police added.

37 October 10

Police arrested the head of a LTTE run computer institute Vanni Tec from Negombo in the capital Colombo. The suspect, identified as Velayudan, had been in charge of Vanni Tec in Kilinochchi, the Police added.


October 15

Police arrested two suspected LTTE militants from the Kochchikade area. The Senior Deputy Inspector General Nimal Mediwaka said the two suspects were arrested on information provided by another LTTE suspect detained earlier. The duo reportedly had provided information to the LTTE cadres and supported transportation of illegal weapons.


October 24

Police arrested two suspected LTTE militants from the capital Colombo. The Police found some explosives in the possession of the two suspects, who were arrested on information given by another LTTE suspect who is already in Police custody.

40 November 2

Sri Lanka Police arrested three top LTTE cadres in the morning of November 2 from Grandpass, a suburb of capital Colombo. The Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police, Nimal Mediwaka, said a special Police unit arrested the three militants during a raid conducted on receipt of information given by another LTTE suspect who is currently in custody.


November 10

500 grams of gelignite and nine detonators were found from the Wattala area of Colombo.






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