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Aerial Attacks by the SLAF on LTTE targets, 2001

August 30: Air Force Kfir jets bombarded LTTE targets in Sorampattu near Elephant Pass.

August 19: Air Froce jets targeted an LTTE base in Puthukkudiyiruppu near Mullaithivu.

August 17: Air Force Kifr jets destroyed an LTTE base in Thoppigala near Batticaloa.

August 15: Air Force jets raid and destroy LTTE fortifications in Pallai, near Kodikamam.

August 14: Air Force Kifr jets bombard and destroy a communication tower of the LTTE at Chempianpattu. In the same area, a Sea Tiger Base in Vathirayan is destroyed in another aerial attack.

August 9: Air Force jets bombard the LTTE base in Kudarappu. Seven militants were killed in the Palai area in an air raid, a day earlier.

August 7: Air Force jets raid the LTTE's Jim Kelley training base in the Thoppigala jungle, near Batticaloa, kiling nine militants and injuring 17 more.

August 6: Kifr jets of the SLAF attacked the LTTE bunker line in Pallai.

August 4: The SLAF bombarded several LTTE targets in Koonativu and in Trincomalee South.

July 28: Air Force jets raid an LTTE Sea Tiger (naval wing of the LTTE) base in the Chalai general area, near Mullaithivu.

July 18: SLAF jets attacked a group of LTTE Sea Tigers vessels off Mullaithivu.

July 1: Sri Lankan Air Force jets destroyed several LTTE installations, including two communication towers, in Pooneryn to pre-empt a possible attack by the outfit on Jaffna.

June 29: Sri Lankan Air Force attacks pre-identified LTTE logistics and training bases in Pooneryn and Nagarkovil.

April 10: Air Force jets destroyed an LTTE camp in Muhamalai and a Sea Tigers base in Pooneryn.

March 23: SLAF jets raid and destroy the 'Beirut Base' of the LTTE, 35 km west of Batticaloa, killing 30 militants.

March 21: SLAF jets and naval boats bombard coastal villages in north-eastern Mullaithivu District killing four persons and injuring 11 more.

March 1: SLAF jets bombard and destroy LTTE barracks in Iyakachchi, 4km north of Eelephant Pass.

January 28: The SLAF jet bombards a 'key' LTTE base north of Morawewa in the Trincomalee District.

January 21: Sri Lankan Air Force jets raid an LTTE camp in Sorampattu, 8.5 km north of Elephant Pass and raze it to the ground.






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