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Aerial Attacks by the SLAF on LTTE targets, 2006

December 2: SLAF bombs a civilian settlement in the Mullaitivu District, a day after the unsuccessful attempt on the life of Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapakse by a suspected LTTE suicide bomber. One civilian was reportedly killed during the aerial raid.

November 2: Five civilians are killed when SLAF jets dropped four shells near a hospital around three-km from the LTTE headquarters in Kilinochchi.

September 17: The Sri Lankan Navy and Air Force in a coordinated attack sank a suspected LTTE ship carrying weapons in the sea off Kalmunai in Batticaloa District. Unconfirmed reports suggest that 12 to 15 LTTE cadres were on board the ship, when it sank.

August 14: The Government claims that the SLAF attacked a LTTE training camp in Puthukudirippu and killed more than 50 militants.

July 31: Sri Lanka Air Force jets destroyed a Sea-Tiger base in the Vakarai area of Batticaloa District, killing at least 30 LTTE cadres.

July 27: SLAF fighter crafts struck selected LTTE targets in the east of Mullaittivu District, where the outfit was reportedly constructing an illegal airstrip, killing six cadres and injuring five civilians.

July 26: The SLAF conducts an air strike, using Kfir fighter jets, on known LTTE targets in the general areas (areas under Government control) of Verugal in the Trincomalee District where the outfit were keeping the sluice gate closed without allowing water to flow into thousands of Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamil villages since July 20.

April 25: Following a suicide attack inside the Colombo Army headquarters, the SLAF launched a series of strikes on the LTTE-held Sampoor area in Trincomalee District. The pro-LTTE website Tamil Net claimed that at least 12 civilians were killed in the aerial strike.







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