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Major Incidents of Terrorism-related Violence in Sri Lanka, 1992-2002


March 21: A blast at an ammunition dump of the Sri Lankan Army in Vavuniya destroys a large stock of 7.62 ammunition and 150 grenades, 120 smoke bombs.


November 18: Senior Buddhist monk and chief priest of Sripura, Ven.Pihimbiyagolle Dhammaloka, is killed in a claymore mine blast while three others, including two clerics, are injured when their vehicle hits a claymore mine at Konamariyawa.

November 15: Three Army intelligence personnel and a civilian are killed while eight others are injured in a suicide bomb attack at a high security zone in Batticaloa.

October 30: Suicide squad of the Sea Tigers destroys an oil tanker, mt Silk Pride, 12 nautical miles north of Point Pedro. Three Navy personnel and four LTTE cadres are killed.

LTTE cadres kill 11 police personnel in an attack on their post two kilometers away from Muttur, near the 64th milepost.

October 24: Seven Army personnel, including a Lieutenant Colonel, are killed in a claymore mine blast in Nelliyadi, Jaffna peninsula.

October 9: Four Air Force personnel are killed as LTTE attacks an Air Force detachment at Velverikulam, 10km north west of Trincomalee.

September 16: 15 naval troops are killed in a LTTE Sea Tigers’ attack off-Point Pedro.

August 20: LTTE cadres attack the main police station in Central Camp, 35km away from Batticaloa and kill 15 police personnel and injure 17 others.

July 24: LTTE attacks the Air Force base in Katunayake and the Bandaranaike International Airport, on the outskirts of Colombo. Eight military aircraft, including Kifr jets, and six Airbus passenger aircraft are destroyed or damaged in the attack. Seven security force personnel are killed while 12 more are injured in the attack.

June 25: LTTE targets a bus ferrying government troops with a claymore mine in Madduvil North, near Jaffna, killing six troops and injuring 20 more.

May 28: Senior PLOTE member Arunthavarajah Thamilvasan is shot dead in Mannar.

May 22: 10 naval personnel are killed and 17 others are injured as LTTE carries out a claymore mine blast in the Thambalagamuwa general area, 40km away from Trincomalee.

March 21: At least 15 naval personnel are killed in a LTTE attack on two Dovra class fast attack craft of the Sri Lankan Navy.


November 7: TULF Member of Parliament representing Batticaloa district is shot dead in Chenkaladi, near Batticaloa.

October 23: LTTE shoots down helicopter gun ships and in a suicide attack on the Trincomalee harbour destroys two naval vessels.

October 19: Three civilians are killed and 21 others, including three American nationals, are injured in a suicide bomb attack near the Colombo Town Hall as the new Cabinet takes oath.

BBC correspondent Mylvaganam Nirmalarajan is killed by unidentified terrorists in Jaffna.

October 5: Deputy Minister for Health and Indigenous Medicine, Tissa Karaliyaddea, survives a suicide bomb attack at an election rally. 12 people, including a police officer, are killed in the attack.

September 30: Deputy Posts and Telecommunications Minister survives an assassination attempt in Batticoloa.

September 10: Chelian Perinpanayagam, the former Mayor of Batticaloa, is shot dead along with a supporter in eastern Kalumunai.

September 1: 15 Air Force personnel are killed in a LTTE attack on their vehicle in northern Sri Lanka.

June 7: C. V. Gooneratne, Minister for Industrial Development, is assassinated by a male LTTE suicide bomber in Ratmalana, near Colombo.


December 18: LTTE makes an unsuccessful attempt on the life of President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

September 18: Suspected LTTE cadres, many of them women, attack three villages killing 50 persons.


October 15: 18 persons are killed as LTTE suicide bombers drive a truck packed with a large quantity of explosives into the twin tower World Trade Centre building in Colombo.


July 24: 70 persons are killed and approximately 600 others are injured as LTTE bombs a passenger train near the capital Colombo.

January 31: An estimated 91 persons are killed in an attack on the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in Colombo.


November 11: 15 persons are killed in a failed LTTE attack on the Army Headquarters in Colombo.


January 25: 13 persons are killed in a LTTE suicide attack at Sri Lanka's holiest Buddhist shrine, Temple of Tooth, in Kandy.


May 1: President Ranasinghe Premadasa is assassinated by the LTTE at a rally.


November 16: Suicide attack kills the Commander of Sri Lankan Navy, Vice Admiral Clancy Fernando.

August 8: The Army chief, Lt. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa is killed in a landmine blast in Kayts, northern Sri Lanka.





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