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Terrorism-related Incidents outside the Northeast and Colombo - 2006

December 29: Galgamuwa Police in the Puttalam District recovers the dead bodies of two People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) members, abducted earlier by the LTTE on December 27, from the Simbalangamuwa area on the Kurunegala - Anuradhapura main road.

December 30: One soldier is killed and two others sustain injuries in a LTTE artillery fire towards Kaddu Murivlikulam in the Welikanda region of Polonnaruwa District.

November 15: Four LTTE cadres are killed and one is wounded by the Security Forces (SFs) at Ethawetunuwewa in the Welioya area of Moneragala District.

November 14: Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) destroys a large trawler carrying massive quantities of arms, ammunition and explosives and killed eight LTTE cadres on board in the seas off Kalpitiya, West of Kudiramale, in the Puttalam District.

October 16: At least 98 sailors of the navy are killed and 100 injured as suspected LTTE cadres rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into a naval convoy at Digampatana in the Habarana area of Matale District.

September 22: Two LTTE suspects are killed when they detonated a hand grenade while the Police were trying to arrest them in the Udappuwa area of Puttalam District.

June 28: At least 12 LTTE cadres and five SLN personnel are killed in the sea off Kalpitiya in Puttalam District.

July 19: SFs arrested four women suspected to be suicide bombers at Tissamaharama in the Hambantota District.

May 30: LTTE militants kill 12 Sinhalese villagers working at an irrigation canal construction site in Omadiyamadu, close to the uncleared areas of Welikanda in Pollonaruwa District.

May 28: A civilian, identified as K. Sawikaran, is shot dead by the LTTE in the Dimbulagala area of Polonnaruwa District.

April 30: The LTTE raids camps belonging to 'Colonel' Karuna faction in the Welikanda area of Polannaruwa District, killing 20 of its cadres.

April 24: LTTE cadres kill a three-year-old infant while he was with his mother at Muslim Colony in the Kaduruwela area of Polonnaruwa District.

April 22: An army officer was killed and six soldiers sustained injuries when an anti-personnel mine exploded near their car at Welikanda in the Polonnaruwa District, 216 kilometres northeast of the capital Colombo.

April 7: Suspected LTTE cadres shot dead two Muslim home guards, identified as B.A. Bawa and V. Tahibu, in the Welikanda area of Pollonnaruwa District.

January 30: Five TRO members are abducted from the Welikanda check-point area of Polunnaruwa District.





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