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Terrorism-related Incidents outside the Northeast and Colombo - 2007

December 5: Fifteen civilians were killed and 23 others injured in a LTTE-triggered remote controlled claymore mine explosion targeting a Ceylon Transport Board passenger bus at Abimanpura in the Padaviya area of Anuradhapura District.

November 26: Four civilians, including one woman, were killed when a group of LTTE cadres stormed Mahawilachchiya, a Sinhalese farming village east of Wilpattu sanctuary, in the Anuradhapura District and opened indiscriminate fire towards them.

November 8: Dead bodies of two farmers, R.M. Abeywardhena and G.M. Padmasiri, were recovered from Tissamaharama village in the Hambantota District. Police suspected involvement of the LTTE in their killing.

November 5: Suspected LTTE militants abducted and later killed three farmers at Thambaraweva village in the Hambanthota District. The three were identified as W.K. Pemananda, Nupe Hewage Piyadasa and Kodithuwakku Kankanamge Piyasena. Another farmer, who went to look for the abducted people, was injured in an anti-personnel mine explosion.

October 22: Elite army troops of the Special Forces confronted LTTE militants who infiltrated and carried out a suicide attack on the SLAF base at Anuradhapura and evicted them from the premises killing 20 militants. Nine Security Force (SF) personnel, including two officers, were killed and 20 others wounded in the encounter. Subsequently the LTTE carried out an aerial attack dropping two shells damaging two MI 24 helicopters parked in the hangar. One more BELL-212 helicopter that was to reinforce SLAF fighter craft resisting LTTE air movement had to crash-land at Doramadalawa area, closer to Mihintale, due to a technical fault, killing both pilots and two gunners. This was the first time the outfit had carried out a combined air and ground attack.

October 15: Troops foiled an attempt by the LTTE to overrun the Thalgasmankada army detachment, south of Panama, about 40-km north of Kataragama in the Hanbantota District. Six soldiers were killed and another injured in the incident.

September 11: The SLN claimed that it had virtually wiped out the LTTE's ability to smuggle arms into the country after sinking three gun-running vessels - Mayoshi, Seishin, and Koshi, as indicated in the LTTE Naval registry - and killing up to 45 of the outfit's cadres during the past 24-hours. The SLN chief Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda said the LTTE was bringing three light aircraft, artillery and a bullet proof vehicle in the ships sunk some 600-kilomtres off the island's south-eastern coast in Matara District. He also said that the LTTE's smuggling operations will be severely affected as they are left with just one ship. The navy has so far destroyed a total of nine LTTE ships, he informed.

July 3: At least 12 LTTE cadres were killed during clashes between troops and militants at Umayaratuvarankulam in the Vanni region.

June 19: An army foot patrol confronted a group of militants crossing Trikonamadu in the Welikanda area of Pollonnaruwa District and killed three of them.

June 8: Police found nine highly decomposed bodies in a garbage dump at Dumaladeniya in the Wennappuwa area of Puttalam District. These persons were killed in an execution style with their hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded.

June 2: Two Sri Lanka Red Cross members, identified as S. Shanmugalingam and K. Chandramohan, who were abducted earlier by unidentified persons from the Fort railway station were found shot dead in the Kiriella area of Ratnapura District.

June 1: One soldier and a home guard were shot dead by the LTTE at Kiruvegama in the Kabithigollawa area of Anuradhapura District.

May 21: Two SF personnel were killed and three others sustained injuries in a LTTE-triggered claymore mine explosion, targeting a tractor transporting troops, at Iranai Iruppai Kulam.

Two soldiers were killed in a LTTE attack in the Welioya area of Moneragala District.

May 7: Two LTTE militants, identified as S. Rajindran alias Ashok, the leader for Kokkodicholai, and K. Ragunathan, from the LTTE medical team, were killed in a retaliatory action by the SFs following a clash at Angodavillvu in the Welikanda area of Pollonnaruwa District.

May 4: LTTE cadres infiltrated a Sinhalese dominated village in the Nidhanwala area of Polonnaruwa District and fired indiscriminately on a group of farmers at work in their paddy fields, killing four farmers and injuring two others.

May 1: Three LTTE militants were killed in a retaliatory action by troops in the Welioya area of Moneragala District.

April 27: Buththala Police in the Moneragala District arrested a Sinhalese man allegedly spying for the LTTE. The Police claimed that he was also commissioned by the outfit for certain murders to be committed in future. According to information revealed by the arrestee, several female Sinhala cadres had undergone LTTE training in places yet to be disclosed, the Police informed, adding, 19 Sinhala LTTE cadres had been arrested so far.

April 26: SLAF troops activated the Air Defence System and defended the areas surrounding the SLAF base at Katunayaka in the Negombo area following information that an unidentified aircraft was reportedly hovering in the area at about 11.00 p.m. As a precautionary measure, airport activities were suspended for a while. However, all services in the airport resumed by midnight, according to military spokesperson Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe.

April 20: Two soldiers were killed and an equal number of them were injured when a tractor carrying soldiers was hit by a landmine laid by the LTTE at Thrikonamadu in the Welikanda area of Polonnaruwa District.

April 5: Four farmers were killed and two others sustained injuries when the LTTE cadres opened indiscriminate fire towards six farmers, harvesting their paddy fields, after infiltrating Nidhanwala in the Aralaganwila area of Polonnaruwa District.

March 7: Three persons were killed on the spot and two others were injured when a parcel floating in the Uma Oya (river) in Uva-Paranagama area of Badulla District. On seeing the mystery parcel floating in the river, the victims had recovered the parcel, and attempted to open it when it exploded.

March 6: Police recovered charred remains of five SF personnel in Nachchaduwa near Thirappane in the Anuradhapura District.

February 28: SLN blew up an unidentified arms-smuggling ship and killed about 12 of its crew off southern Sri Lanka.

February 27: SLN patrol units foiled an LTTE attempt to smuggle a cache of arms and explosives in the seas 185 nautical miles, off 'Dondra Point' at Matara.

January 25: Three LTTE cadres are killed and another injured in an encounter that followed an attack by the LTTE militants on SFs at the Janakapura - Kokuthduwai FDL in the Welioya area of the Moneragala District.

January 6: At least 16 persons are killed and 40 injured as a second explosion occurred in a bus in a span of less than 24 hours in the Galle District, over 80 km from the national capital Colombo. The Government blamed the LTTE for the attack.

January 5: At least six passengers are killed and 63 are wounded in a bomb blast inside a bus bound for Giriulla from Nittambuwa in the Gampaha District. The Government blamed the LTTE for the attack.

January 4: Troops kill one LTTE cadre in a retaliatory fire when the outfit's cadres, hidden in surrounding jungle areas near an Army point in the Kalyanapura area of Polonnaruwa District, opened fire on the Army point. One soldier is also killed in the incident.





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