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Freedom From Fear

  Sukma attack: Chhattisgarh police cannot hold back and fight Naxals in their stronghold through proxies DNA Inda May 1, 2017
  Only a fair investigation can expose murky realities behind the attack on CRPF in Sukma May 1, 2017
  Surprised at Gurdaspur The Indian Express July 30, 2015
  Punjab: Complacence Kills South Asia Intelligence Review July 28, 2015
  Assam: Cyclical Butchery South Asia Intelligence Review December 29, 2014
  Dangers of a Deepening Darkness South Asia Intelligence Review September 1, 2014
  Assam: Demographic Invasion South Asia Intelligence Review August 13, 2012
  CM, politicians and police have failed the people of Assam Firstpost August 2, 2012
  Lawlessness: All same-same Hindustan Times June 28, 2011
  The Winning Quotient: Air Power? The Naxals are not Viet Cong Deccan Chronicle April 15, 2010
  Many such groups are a Maoist front The Economic Times April 9, 2010
  Shilda's lesson for govt: Make up your mind on strategic and tactical objectives The Telegraph February 28, 2010
  States must get real about Maoist threat The Pioneer February 21, 2010
  Time for an NREGS for Sportspersons The Economic Times January 15, 2010
  Trivial Pursuit Times of India, New Delhi June 22, 2009
  Homegrown, yes, but ISI inspired The Pioneer, September 24, 2008
  Political consensus is crucial Daily News and Analysis August 2, 2008
  Blame ISI for Kabul's woes The Pioneer July 12, 2008
  West ignoring ISI's deadly role The Pioneer June 07, 2008
  'The Implosion of International Terrorism M.L. Sondhi Prize for International Politics, 2007 April 19, 2008
  'Outsiders' must be welcomed The Pioneer March 22, 2008
  India needs a national line The Pioneer March 8, 2008
  What are they laughing about? The Pioneer March 1, 2008
  Pakistan living on the edge The Pioneer January 19, 2008
  A crisis of leadership The Pioneer January 05, 2008
  Promises, but no delivery The Pioneer December 22, 2007
  State gives in to thuggery The Pioneer December 8, 2007
  UP safe haven for terrorists The Pioneer November 24, 2007
  Perversity as secularism The Pioneer September 15, 2007
  There's just one cop for every 700 Indians Daily News and Analysis September 2, 2007
  They are having a party Indian Express August 24, 2007
  The fears within Daily News and Analysis August 23,2007
  Promises galore, but no delivery The Pioneer August 18, 2007
  Don't prejudge Haneef The Pioneer July 21, 2007
  A myth is now exposed The Pioneer July 07, 2007
  The price of a tribal's life The Pioneer June 25, 2007
  Fragile state, timid police The Pioneer June 09, 2007
  Callous about Maoist terror The Pioneer April 28, 2007
  Islam's Enemy Within The Pioneer April 20, 2007
  Pakistan is a Failed Idea The Pioneer March 31, 2007
  UP Must Dump Parochialism The Pioneer March 17, 2007
  It's Victory for Reconciliation The Pioneer March 3, 2007
  Transformation is crucial The Pioneer February 17, 2007
  India, myth and reality The Pioneer January 20, 2007
  The Many Mobs of Nithari Indian Express January 13, 2007
  Fiction as Statistics The Pioneer January 06, 2006
  Clawing into our territory The Pioneer December 23, 2006
  Poisoned Source The Pioneer December 09, 2006
  Law Observed in Breach The Pioneer November 25, 2006
  Common Folly and Discord The Pioneer November 11, 2006
  Guilty of Complicity The Pioneer October 28, 2006
  The Centre cannot hold The Pioneer October 14, 2006
  Time to expose General's lies The Pioneer September 30, 2006
  Cops and Rubber Stamps Indian Express September 25, 2006
  Restore the Confidence The Pioneer September 16, 2006
  Feeble Response to Governance The Pioneer September 02, 2006
  Corruption and Profiteering The Pioneer August 19, 2006
  Force Attention on Terrorism The Pioneer August 05, 2006
  Arresting the Tide of Terror The Pioneer July 22, 2006
  Blood, Sweat and Anger Daily News and Analysis, Mumbai July 13, 2006
  Misadventures will Backfire The Pioneer June 24, 2006
  Nation that kills talent The Pioneer June 10, 2006
  The index of development The Pioneer May 13, 2006
  Exploitation of aspirations The Pioneer April 15, 2006
  Focus on elementary problems The Pioneer April 01, 2006
  Pinning hope on Musharraf? The Pioneer March 18, 2006
  Jaundiced vision of secularists The Pioneer March 04, 2006
  Who could’ve heard a .22? Indian Express February 25, 2006
  Tolerating Islamist intolerance The Pioneer February 18, 2006
  Stains on the steel frame The Pioneer February 4, 2006
  Blundering in Balochistan The Pioneer January 22 , 2006
  Extremism will die in violence The Pioneer January 21 , 2006
  Evolve counter-terrorism strategy The Pioneer January 7 , 2006
  Containing ideological violence The Pioneer December 24, 2005
  Realising fundamental home truths The Pioneer December 10, 2005
  Restoration of Bihar's fortunes The Pioneer November 30, 2005
  Rectify religious distortions The Pioneer November 15, 2005
  Pakistan's narcissistic Army The Pioneer October 29, 2005
  Chronicle of a 'miracle' foretold The Pioneer October 15, 2005
  The critical contemporary dilemma The Pioneer September 17, 2005
  Bureaucracy as an obstacle The Pioneer September 3, 2005
  Bangla chickens home to roost The Pioneer August 20, 2005
  Transferring the 'problems' The Pioneer August 6, 2005
  Through the smokescreen The Pioneer July 27, 2005
  Between London & Ayodhya The Pioneer July 9, 2005
  Fear death of water The Pioneer June 25, 2005
  Punjab: Another 'Module' Implodes South Asia Intelligence Review June 13, 2005
  Jinnah’s Harvest of Hatred The Pioneer June 11, 2005
  Benighted Bihar's misfortune The Pioneer May 28, 2005
  Stains on steel frame The Pioneer May 16, 2005
  Imperatives of Justice The Pioneer April 30, 2005
  A Prime Minister Speaks: Finally, a Clear Voice on Terror South Asia Intelligence Review April 18, 2005
  Vulnerable base of Indian miracle The Pioneer April 16, 2005
  Horse trader, pass by The Pioneer April 2, 2005
  Kanishka tragedy hasn't ended The Pioneer March 19, 2005
  Where's democracy in all this? The Pioneer March 5, 2005
  Those who care for nobody's rights but their own The Indian Express February 21, 2005
  Fight dogma with reason The Pioneer February 5, 2005
  Wages of critical neglect The Pioneer January 8, 2005
  SOUTH ASIA -- 2004: Qualified Gains against Terror South Asia Intelligence Review January 3, 2005
  What's India's grand strategy? The Pioneer December 11, 2004
  Packages: Institutional fraud The Pioneer November 27, 2004
  Enormous threat of Extremism The Pioneer October 30, 2004
  States should act responsibly The Pioneer October 16, 2004
  Translate consensus into action The Pioneer October 2, 2004
  Holding a mirror to society The Pioneer September 18, 2004
  Free use of abuse The Pioneer Septembe 07, 2004
  THE GLOBAL WAR: A Loss of Direction South Asia Intelligence Review September 06, 2004
  The weak are never at peace The Pioneer September 04, 2004
  Moral burden on negotiators is unjust The Week August 22, 2004
  Much thicker than water Hindustan Times August 10, 2004
  Hopes of progress in shambles The Pioneer July 10, 2004
  Narrow coteries at work The Pioneer June 26, 2004
  Reaching critical mass The Pioneer June 12, 2004
  Walk the talk or perish The Pioneer May 15, 2004
  Incumbents and anti-incumbency The Pioneer May 1, 2004
  India's flawed democracy The Pioneer April 17, 2004
  Pakistan's footprints of terror The Pioneer April 03, 2004
  Footprints on the sand The Pioneer March 20, 2004
  Curbs needed on EC's polemics The Pioneer March 6, 2004
  J&K: Shifting Strategy of Subversion South Asia Intelligence Review March 1, 2004
  Whither Jail Administration The Pioneer February 21, 2004
  PAKISTAN: Is there a 'Plan B'? South Asia Intelligence Review February 16, 2004
  PAKISTAN: Armed, Dangerous and Unaccountable South Asia Intelligence Review February 9, 2004
  Rogue states deserve sanctions The Pioneer February 7, 2004
  Isolation breeds militancy The Pioneer January 24, 2004
  INDIA-PAKISTAN: Another Peace Gambit South Asia Intelligence Review January 12, 2004
  Facing the nuclear dagger The Pioneer January 10, 2004
  Give Voice To Moderate Islam The Pioneer December 20, 2003
  The Moslem World: Prospects of democratization Jerusalem Summit October 12, 2003
  INDIA: Punjab: Reviving the Politics of Communal Polarization South Asia Intelligence Review June 9, 2003
  USA-SOUTH ASIA: Reassessing the War on Terror South Asia Intelligence Review May 26, 2003
  INDIA-PAKISTAN: J&K - Stumbling out of the Bind South Asia Intelligence Review May 5, 2003
  INDIA: The Deepening Imprint of Terror South Asia Intelligence Review March 17, 2003
  INDIA: J&K: The Opportunities of Another Peace Process South Asia Intelligence Review March 10, 2003
  INDIA-IRAQ-USA: Cautious Engagement South Asia Intelligence Review February 10, 2003
  PAKISTAN-USA: Fissures in an Unnatural Alliance South Asia Intelligence Review January 6, 2003
  INDIA: J&K: Forward to the Past? South Asia Intelligence Review October 28, 2002
  INDIA: Gujarat: New Theatre of Islamist Terror South Asia Intelligence Review September 30, 2002
  INDIA-PAKISTAN: Diplomatic Tourism: Powell in South Asia... Again South Asia Intelligence Review July 29, 2002
  Contemporary Challenges to the Criminal Justice System Justice Malimath Commission 2002
  The Imperatives of National Security Legislation in India Seminar April 2002
  Systemic overhaul needed to fight terror The Pioneer December 29, 2001
  How secure are we really? The Economic Times December 18, 2001
  Confront terrorism with full might of the state Times of India December 16, 2001
  Dubious things called "popular support" The Pioneer December 1, 2001
  Can POTO tackle terror? The Economic Times November 20, 2001
  De-legitimise terror as state policy The Pioneer November 17, 2001
  Fight terror, not POTO Hindustan Times November 5, 2001
  'USS Clueless' sailing to nowhere The Pioneer October 20, 2001
  Are we imitating the Pak model? Hindustan Times October 19, 2001
  Global war on terror will hit insurgency in insular NE Sentinel October 15, 2001
  'Frontline' Pakistan will take us all back The Pioneer October 6, 2001
  Gearing up for the war against terror The Economic Times October 6, 2001
  Terrifying means to terrible ends The Pioneer September 22, 2001
  Can the attacks in America be compared to Pearl Harbour? The Sunday Times September 16, 2001
  No Geographical locus of terror The Pioneer September 12, 2001
  Statement on the Terrorist Attacks in the United States   September 11, 2001
  Terror unleashed by rightwallahs The Pioneer September 8, 2001
  Money in the honey trap The Pioneer August 25, 2001
  Bad policemen, bad politicians Hindustan Times August 17, 2001
  Blazing guns, security in a blindfold The Pioneer July 28, 2001
  Time to stand up to, not for, Pakistan The Pioneer July 14, 2001
  Welcome the creators of Kargil with caution Amar Ujala July 11, 2001
  Managing NE: More foresight needed The Pioneer June 30, 2001
  Assam: Key to peace in Northeast The Pioneer June 16, 2001
  Peace in Northeast: The right direction Dainik Bhaskar June 15, 2001
  Man in Uniform Demands Justice Hindustan Times June 8, 2001
  Needed: Governance, not politics The Pioneer May 12, 2001
  Weak India mirrors general lethargy The Pioneer April 28, 2001
  Today Bihar, tomorrow India? The Pioneer April 14, 2001
  State must fight terrorism industry The Pioneer March 31, 2001
  The crisis is a test for PM The Pioneer March 17, 2001
  Keep militants on the run in J&K The Pioneer February 17, 2001
  Minorities play a major role February 14, 2001
  Review of Sanjay Hazarika's Rites of Passage: Border Crossings, Imagined Homelands, India's East and Bangladesh Sunday HT January 26, 2001
  Lucrative returns of terrorism The Pioneer January 6, 2001
  Change of course The Pioneer Demember 28, 2000
  India can redeem South Asia The Pioneer December 23, 2000
  Towards a lasting peace December 20, 2000
  Uncertain wisdom of policy-makers The Pioneer December 9, 2000
  For a place in history The Pioneer October 28, 2000
  Kashmir and the defence of democracy The Pioneer August 19, 2000
  State must protect and punish The Pioneer July 22, 2000
  A leadership lacking in adequate vision The Pioneer July 8, 2000
  No room for sentimental Peace-peddlers July 7, 2000
  The Fundamental Idea Outlook Magazine March 13, 2000
  Statement on the Launch of the South Asia Terrorism Portal   March 11, 2000
  Overhaul the system to stem failure The Pioneer February 19, 2000
  Save secularism from defeated history The Pioneer February 5, 2000
  Government Demands Steel in the Soul The Pioneer January 22, 2000
  Self-pity is an alibi Outlook Magazine January 17, 2000
  Terrorism and the idiom of discourse The Pioneer January 8, 2000
  War of thousand cuts Indian Express January 7, 2000
  Which is to be master? Some observations on the politics of justice Gyan Publishing House 1999
  Presumed guilty till proven innocent The Pioneer June 14, 1997
  Text of K.P.S. Gill's letter to Prime Minister I.K. Gujral on the death of Ajit Singh Sandhu   May 30, 1997





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